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Zombies R Us.

Survival U

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ID:	72How do you know that you've got something good? Well, NPR mentions it on air of course! That's why I was super excited when I heard this week's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's Bluff the Listener segment.

If you're unfamiliar with the show Wait Wait Don't Tell Me is a weekly comedy new quiz show. The show is split into different segments. In "Bluff the Listener" the panelists read a news story about a given topic and the contestant has to decide if the news story is real or fake.

In this week's show the panelists had stories about extended learning which included this gem which was read by Kyrie O'Connor.
Andy Olden is ready and you're not, and he is serious. Olden trains groups of soft suburban adults to prepare for the coming zombie apocalypse.

On 200 acres of Texas ranchland, he takes IT technicians and mechanical engineers and makes them warriors. I hire 30 something hipsters to be attack zombies and the students have to do anything short of, well, fatalities to protect their precious brains. "I've seen kindergarten teachers morph into full-on killing machines," he says. "It's a transformation." Zombie Apocalypse Boot Camp has a six-month waiting list. "The zombies are coming," Olden said, darkly. Maybe they're diseased or maybe liberals.
Want to hear more?
Listen to the clip here, or listen to the full episode here.

If this were a real thing and you really could enroll in some zombie survival training boot camp would you go?
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  1. Wicked Sid's Avatar
    Depending on the distance from my place, difficulty levels, and survivor group size (Options for the second 2? Maybe a pamphlet with choices from small to random.)... Semantics...

    Well, back on topic, I'd go even if it never happens. Anything is statistically possible. What about you? Would you go?
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  2. Ra1th's Avatar
    omg i would totally do this
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  3. Onslaught's Avatar
    I'd go, I'd even run there to get my cardio up for the boot camp, like an exercise.
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