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Wicked Sid

I've missed so much.

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I feel like I've been lagging in my duties a bit. I have no idea how Revolver's Birthday got past me, oh and Happy Belated Birthday!, same with Jane's, again Happy Birthday! The chat box is up and an achievement system has been initiated.

Enough of the recap, I going to trust you guys with what I did so far. This is nothing major but it is a personal achievement.

I, John Williams (The Super Mod not the Super Composer), have watched all three Lord Of The Rings Movies extended editions back to back and it was glorious.

Myself and a few friends planned this a few days ahead and my god it was an amazing day. Granted they a just movies but it was something we planned and completed. zom

I placed this here because I like it.

In conclusion, is there anything small that you have completed and felt good about it for some unknown reason?
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  1. TCM Revolver's Avatar
    Thanks for the Bday wishes Sid. You still my boy! And believe it or not, I have never seen any of the lord of the rings flicks. And that song is...
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