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Wicked Sid

Burned my Mouth with Awesome.

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Since this is my personal blog, I shall blog.

I had an awesome day, when to two different Buffets with two different types of Asian cuisine. The first was the "Taal," a restaurant with Indian cuisine. It was crazy good, butter chicken with Garlic Naan, some chili chicken and rice, and a little Tandoori chicken. But, the best thing I had was... A GREEN CHILI, I can't believe how much spice that little thing packed. Me and my two friends ate one whole and raw, one of us kind of freaked out and No before you ask, it wasn't me. We saw some of our teachers having lunch with a few students so, after the teachers had left, this girl we were with had got the students to try them, one kid ate two. Needless to say, they also freaked out.

After about two hours of walking we ended up at the "West Gardens Buffet," it has Chinese-Canadian cuisine, I ate a lot of shrimp and we had wonderful discussions, there is no story as good as the first.

As I write this I am massaging my sore feet and thinking about that extra chili sitting in my refrigerator. I can't wait to add that to some spaghetti.

So, what's that hottest thing that you have tried?
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  1. Ra1th's Avatar
    i have to ask, what's Chinese Canadian food? is it anything like Chinese american food?
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  2. Wicked Sid's Avatar
    Well, its more like Chinese with Canadian in the same area and yeah, the chinese food is kind of like Chinese-American.
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    Updated Jan 28th, 2011 at 07:35 PM by Wicked Sid
  3. Ra1th's Avatar
    so that brings me to another question, whats canadian food like?
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  4. Wicked Sid's Avatar
    Take American food, remove some of the excess salt/sugar and additives, make it a tad bit bland, shrink it a size or two, then put it in Canada. Blam, you have yourself some Canadian cuisine.
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  5. StepLaugh's Avatar
    That hottest thing for me was Spicy Doritos .

    I'm not a spice person at all, I wish I was.
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