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Just a quick update after some questions being asked regarding my absence:

Currently, I have a really busy time at school. I've got a plethora of deadlines, exams, and more that I need my time for. As you may understand, helping around here for We're Alive is a hobby, so my education comes first.

I assumed that I'd be back actively today, but unfortunately I was wrong.

Instead of giving another estimate that may turn out incorrect, you'll just have to live without me (I know it's hard - really, I do - but I trust you can make it!) for a little while longer.
Obviously I want all that mandatory stuff done ASAP, so I can get back to doing fun ztuff, but if additional items are being added at the same pace as I'm finishing my the other work, it may take a while.

That's it for now, there's a bitchin' deadine to be taken care off.
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  1. Chelsea C.'s Avatar
    We shall wait patiently for your return
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