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W/A Finale Local Fan Meet-Up!

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(THANK YOU Katlero and Elisa for helping to set this up! -Lit)

On Friday, July 18th, come say hello to us road weary Convoyites, meet up with others in the LA area (and beyond) who are also WA obsessed and have a grand ol' time eating, drinking, and being merry! Share theories on Mr. Whiskers, debate over CJ's humanity, or place bets on a Skittles' reappearance!

Date/Time: Fri, 7/18/14, around 8p.m.
Location: TinHorns Flats and Saloon
1724 N. Highland Ave. Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Meet up will be on Friday 7/18 (not to be confused with the official WA After Party on Sat., 7/19) and starts at 8pm, whether the Convoy encounters a Michael-esque traffic jam or not, as Elisa has agreed to be there at 8pm to greet everyone. It goes till we zombie walk our drunk butts out the door (or 2am, whichever comes first )

We will also be joined by We're Alive staff & crew such as Zintern Ray and cast member Otto Sturcke!!! (a.k.a. Victor!)

We will be scheduling a "party" with the bar and may be able to get Happy Hour extended for us! But we'll need a headcount. So please, if you are planning on coming to the Meet Up, give a quick comment below and we'll start the tally. If an inked number appears on your wrist.... it wasn't me.
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  1. MGM Ray's Avatar
    Looking forward to it! Nothing like drinking a whiskey, "Neat" to prepare the ears for a story about a cross country road-trip.
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  2. Litmaster's Avatar
    Okay, Gang.... it's March 21st! Just 10 more days to sign up for this trip if you are interested!!!

    See basic details here:
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  3. Litmaster's Avatar

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  4. thisonegirl's Avatar
    A friend and I will be driving from San Diego to meet up with you guys at the restaurant on Friday night. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
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