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state of the convoy: the devil is in the details

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the we're alive finale convoy idea first came to me during the season three live event. as I sat in my living room listening to the livestream experience, I thought "how cool would it be to make it out there for the finale next year?". From there, my first idea was to pick up listeners along my way out to California. the more I thought about that one though, the more I realized that perhaps it would be better to try and help get the east coasters over to the west. about a week ago, litmaster gave me the perfect opportunity to put this plan into action. I honestly never would have imagined him becoming such a integral part of this idea. in fact, ill say that much of this would not be possible had he not become involved. so big thank you to him, from me.

going forward from here, when I feel its needed I will be making casual blog posts with the "state of the convoy" as a theme. basically, the information we need to share amongst those wanting to go west with us can get lost in the mire of a typical thread. as of this typing the W/A finale convoy thread is at sixteen pages. digging for info can be a bit cumbersome with that much to read. so ill try to put pertinent info here when I can.

I believe the first thing we should go over is the travel plan. for the full details of whats planned per day, go here:!/page11

for this blog, ill simply break down some of the details left out of those pages/posts by the ultimate p.t. barnum>litmaster.

Tuesday july 15ththis is the date everyone needs to schedule arrival in Illinois, be that by plane, train, automobile, sparrowhawk, whatever the case. we need to leave from my place about seven am wedsday morning. so honestly the sooner you can get here Tuesday, the better.
tues, cont. ill be the first to tell everyone, my duplex is small. once we all arrive at my place, we will most likely do some shopping to fill the coolers for the trip. then, grill out in my backyard, (possibly bring a couple aged ales up from my "cellar"), and get a good nights sleep to leave the next morning. now, I said earlier, my place is "small"... I live in a split level duplex at roughly 1200 square feet. I only have two beds. most likely the first night will be camping in my living room. that's a bonding experience most don't experience as an adult. in truth, the idea of it makes me think of grade school days. fun stuff.

wedsday july16th-sunday(am) july 20thsee, the above links. that's a lot for me to type. (and hyperlinking is against my religion)

sunday july 20th cont. after the studio tour, we will be high-tailing it out of L.A.. this is the part of the trip that gets tricky. the drive back to Illinois is about twenty-six hours. putting us back sometime in the evening on Monday the 21st. making flying out of Illinois either red eyes Monday, or sometime Tuesday. for some, this may not work. personally I completey understand time constraints, my life revolves around that sort of thing it seems. so if need be, anyone who wants to leave the convoy in L.A and fly back home is more than welcome to. it will be "tricky" but we could make it back to Illinois even if it ends up being just myself, litmaster, and tony.

that's all the logistical details I can think of at the moment. now perhaps we should knock out a few questions some may have.

"what airport am I flying into?"

here we have two "possible" options. the first being lambert airport in st. Louis, mo.
the second, while closer to my place, receives less flights than lambert. but may be a viable option. midamerica airport, Mascoutah, il

either of these will work for me. really it all depends on what airport you find the best deals through. as I said, lambert will be the most likely to have flights incoming. but midamerica is a smaller airport, therefore you may find better deals flying into there instead. litmaster is flying in a few days.. (or weeks!) early so if need be we can have two "shuttles" going for picking people up.

"what do I need to bring?"

well, yourself...obviously! bringing along the usual items for a longer trip is a given. (clothes, toiletries, PHONE CHARGER!) etc are all the givens for a trip like this. as we have said, the first three nights (one at my place, two on the road) we will be camping. so bringing your own sleeping bag is a very good idea. all of the other camping equipment, tents, blowtorches, flashlights for scary stories will be provided. then of course, theres money....

"how much is a trip like this gonna cost me??"
honestly, this all depends on how frugal a person you are. right now a quick breakdown of my projected expenses goes like this.
gas=200-250 per person.
hotel stay in L.A for two nights=300 per (that's a very rough estimation). food expenses=200 per (figuring high to be safe)
misc expenses(group cost for campsites, getting into the finale, etc)=200
"on vacation and having the time of your life" expenses= priceless
right now I believe a very safe number to put in your head is arrive in Illinois with 1500 and your very safe.

"I want to help out, but I don't think i'll be able to make the trip. what can I do?"

we are open to the idea of others being our "at home tech-people". the hope is that on this trip we can continually update from the road and keep the excitement for the finale building to a fever pitch as we make our way out there. if you want to help out in that way, go here;

"I have a question that wasn't answered here. how can I get in touch with you?"

to be certain, I'm doing this entire thing for the forum. while I honestly love the show, the forum is what has gotten me through the day for the better part of the last three years. I truly enjoy my time with each and every one of you that ive grown to know and care about over the years. litmaster has always been a friend online, but just within the last week of talking everyday in real life, I feel I can call him a true friend whos much more than his online persona. that's something that would not happen without this place. if any of you need anything, questions about the trip, more info on the camping plans, just someone to bullshit with for ten minutes while you wait for your bus to arrive. shoot myself or litmaster a pm on here, or find me on the twitter


or, fuck it... just shoot me a text. my phone literally is never off, nor ever not by my side. SIX18-3three9-o187 (just give me a real name, I honestly hate calling people by "usernames" just feels stupid to me). seriously, I have loved every second of my time on here. im more than willing to give my time to those who have given me so much over the years.

and with that....
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  1. tonyhind86's Avatar
    As excited as I already am, and believe me, I'm pretty psyched, the more plans I make and the more ideas and proposals I see on here - I'll be like a kid at Christmas by the time I fly over
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  2. Kc's Avatar
    Would you like me to advertise this on the social networks?
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  3. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    Sure. I've already got it out on the twitter-verse, but your reach is far greater than mine. Have at it, boss.
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  4. Litmaster's Avatar
    Nice job, Todd. We will be the most dedicated fans at the WA finale! Or die trying!!!
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  5. Witch_Doctor's Avatar
    Hot Dam! I'm gonna go too!
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  6. Kc's Avatar
    I'll plug it maybe Tuesday. No one is online on weekends, well, compared to the weekdays. I want to make sure it gets plugged well
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  7. turbo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Litmaster
    Nice job, Todd. We will be the most dedicated fans at the WA finale! Or die trying!!!
    Heh, I'll give ya major dedication! we're all the best fans in the world!
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  8. tonyhind86's Avatar
    I really want to document the journey and the event in a proper journal la Tower style
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  9. NoAzAdams's Avatar
    So, I hate to jump in and ask like last minute options - what about taking the train from Chicago to LA. Drink and party all the way and back without car problems. Food can be brought on the when needed and along with anything else. What do you think?
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  10. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    Believe it or not that actually creates more issues logistically than it solves. For one; that means the van is making a one way trip, thus adding another 500 to rental costs. And another; if we take the train back from LA to Chicago, how do those of us "local" to my area return from there back down to here? Would either be another train ticket with third party transport/find a friend to get us...or yet another rental cost in Chicago to return to the STL area. Cool idea, just not practical in the grand scheme.
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  11. NoAzAdams's Avatar
    Okay- thought I would ask.
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  12. Zombie Yeti's Avatar
    i want to go but my wife says nay. maybe if kctalks to her directly she will change her mind. not sure i can help in any other ways maybe editing or uploading the good with computers and tech stuff.
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  13. MrRedBeard's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by tonyhind86
    I really want to document the journey and the event in a proper journal la Tower style
    Yes! Complete with composition notebooks. I plan to video, podcast, take a ton of pictures and blog the adventure.
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  14. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    composition notebooks will be covered. in fact ill drop a hint here of there may be free ones for anybody at the Friday fan meetup. think of it as a yearbook signing

    that's still pending though, please don't hold me to it.
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  15. MrRedBeard's Avatar
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  16. MrRedBeard's Avatar
    Are the costs firm now at around $1500?
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