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Where to begin ... ? A Blog-Introduction AND Zombies and Neurobiology

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1. Pointless Introduction

Just check your google-fu or bing-thing or whatever search-engine you prefer and enter the two words "zombie" and "blog", hit the search-button, and then you'll see what's going on.

In short spoilerage: The zombie-apocalypse is already stampeding through the net. And that, what you may find, is rich in quantity, quality and certain standards. When I 'searched' with the two chosen words for the first time, I was pretty much amazed how much is going on the web about all these zombie things ... And it left me with the not so seriously ment question: Is this a mirror-image about the real (consumer-idiots-)zombie-apocalypse, or are there just so many zeeh-fans out there willing to share their thoughts in the WWW ... ?

And here I am. Just doin' the same. Starting a blog somehow related to zombies. So, would I be a consumer-idiot-zombie-apocalypyse-survivor or -zombie myself?

What is it that I want to write about? The description of this blog pretty much wraps it up. And now, after Nikvoodoo made me a WA-blogger, it took me about another one-and-a-half weeks until my first posting. I wished it was something amazing or incredible or at least hilarious or ridiculous that kept me away from writing my first article. But I think it mostly comes down to something between laziness on the one side and the big question on the other side. Which question? Well, this one: How to begin? Or in other words: How to get started?

Enough of this pointless introduction. I want to share plenty of stuff about All Zeehs Things already made available on the net. But since the really cool stuff is widely spread over many, many different platforms my aim is to make this one blog about All Zeehs Things the melting pot of the real zombie-shit.

Ok, where to begin now?

2. Zombies and neurobiology

Let's get scientific in this first posting, shall we? I would like to point you towards one amazing and somewhat 'scientific' approach towards zombies by the Havard Assistant Professor Dr. Steven C. Schlozman. What he does or did is to think about zombies and neurobiology. He wondered on what medical 'facts' or 'theories' certain behavior of zombies - their speech, their movement, their lust for brains or human flesh, etc. - could be based. This already happened 2.5+ years ago. And it received some feedback or echo on the web - like for example on these two platforms:

A Harvard Psychiatrist Explains Zombie Neurobiology by Mark Strauss
What Zombies Can Teach Us About Braaain Science by Rebecca Jacobson

Basically these articles give you an overview about different regions of the human brain being analyzed by Dr. Schlozman. And he analyzes what typical neurobiological circumstances lead to what kind of behavior. By doing this he proves certain zombie-behavior to be true or false - to some degree - from a scientific point of view.

In 2009 he also was guest on this podcast-show:
A Head-Shrinker Studies The Zombie Brain provided by NPR, a 15 minute epsiode. There he speaks about his idea to analyze zombie-behavior. And in the show calling listeners share their thoughts or give insight to their own experiences.

Also there is a about 30 minute presentation in front of a bigger audience available on the web - also from 2009:
PODCAST: Harvard psychologist explains the science of zombies. This one really is worth watching.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Schlozman, then visit his personal website - and there you will get a lot more insight into his various interests including All Zeehs Things.

I hope you enjoyed this first blog-post of me. Feel free to share your thoughts on the comments-section below; or simply start rambling about it on the forums.

Enjoy, all the best!
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