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Wicked Sid

Year 2.

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Well, here we are once again, Ladies and Gentlemen.

The second anniversary of the Great Forum Switch of 2011, when Kc trudged his way through the muddy, deep and depressing forums of old to choose vBulletin as an upgrade.

In this year, plenty of great events have taken place. Live-streams, a live-read through, and another excellent season of We're Alive: a Zombie Story of Survival, also certain people got engaged.

But, unfortunately there has also been some bad, some friends drift away, get busy and forums get hacked.

Everything is fine and was handled by the excellent staff, so there is no need to worry.

Things are calming down after the season finale and everyone is getting back into the groove of waiting for Season 4.

... It's the last season. And it's almost here. It's coming, be ready.
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  1. Kc's Avatar
    Yeah, I remember those times well. And even though the series is coming to an end, does not mean that it all will, or this site will. I have other stories that I've been secretly working on plot lines for this entire time. This community will never die. And hopefully it never will, even long after I'm gone.
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