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So tired...

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I need a weekend for my weekend. For those of you wondering, this is another episode that's about 25 minutes. This is not going to be a regular thing, only for Chapter 19. Why? I'll address that AFTER the chapter is over. So you can ask then.

We'll be back on our 'normal' lengths soon enough. That might be a disappointment to some but it also takes away from time spent elsewhere. If you want longer, then this needs to become our day job. Possible, but not happening yet... unless you know someone?

It's a catch 22 to find a sweat spot where we can survive and the show can be profitable without effecting it's rate of growth due to early monetization. I know everyone has suggestions and we're trying various ones here and there without detracting time from our overall production. That's where it gets tricky. I have a tendency to focus on creative more than marketing. So spread the word if you can, I know everyone already does, but it never hurts to ask.

Anyway, episodes UP! and I hope you all enjoy.
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Updated Feb 28th, 2011 at 11:20 AM by Kc



  1. j0be's Avatar
    I definitely did enjoy the episode.

    What's weird to me is it actually felt shorter this week than it actually was. (Not trying to bring you down). I think it's because there was a fair amount of dialogue. I don't mind it at all. Maybe it's also that this is my first episode where I couldn't just jump into the next. (my problem)

    Just out of curiosity, about what is your ~current overhead? I didn't notice any sponsor advertisements on this episode, is that going to come back, or are you looking at other means to cover your expenses?

    An aside to the current overhead, about how much more monetary input would you consider before making it your day job?
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  2. Kc's Avatar
    At the moment we break even using the profits from the t-shirts and disc sets. The advertisements in the beginning and end seem to have run dry, but we haven't actively been searching for new adverts either.

    As for $ amounts, I can't/don't state what it would cost to run because of possible ongoing negotiations. I let Shane, the other producer, negotiate those things with possible investors. Unless there's someone here who wouldn't mind being our agent.
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  3. HaveCrowBarWillTravel's Avatar
    How do you go about hiring your actors and how do you bring in new talent for later episodes?
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  4. Kc's Avatar
    Well this actor's a rescue
    But seriously, we hold casting sessions for them. Typically we don't post any of these just to keep the number of leaks to a minimum.
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  5. HaveCrowBarWillTravel's Avatar
    Cool. I have a few friends in the entertainment industry, mostly musicians. I gave the podcast URL to a friend who's also acted in a few Star Trek Next Gen episodes so she could check out your off the chain production value. It's kinda hard to get people to think outside their comfort zone though.
    Thanks for the quick get back to.
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  6. ObamaCat's Avatar
    Haha enjoyed the video. I also have to say W-A-L-K around my dog :P, she's a "Smart one". As usual I loved the podcast, keep up the awesome work.
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