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Voodoo Lounge Chapter 31 Prediction Blog (CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

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Unlike half the population, I happened to enjoy last chapter. I don't even care that I got about...what? 75% of my predictions wrong last chapter? Don't care! Brontosaurus burger with a side of whale slaw as one member of the cast/forum said!

Sign me up for another 75% incorrect if the story keeps moving forward like this! Brown nose you say?

So drink your haterade and I'll just keep doing what I'm doing. As a side note to doing what I do...I'm changing it up and eliminating the percentile breakdown this time and see how it goes. If you miss it, comment and let me know.

Chapter 31's title is....


Lizzy will be manipulating Bricks

If we go back to the Colony, we're going to get a chance to see Lizzy in her new normal and the new normal is under the watchful eye of Bricks. Bricks, as we know, is a big ol' lug with a heart of gold.....and has a "don't fuck with my friends" attitude. You know what would actually be somewhat interesting to see? Someone from the Gatekeeper's inner circle who didn't appreciate the change in leadership and knows Lizzy is from Michael's tower tries to fuck with her and Bricks beats the ever loving shit out of them....ok well maybe not.

Regardless, Lizzy has been known to toy with the minds of those around her specifically that of Tardust. She seems to be in a good situation with Bricks, but she has to plan long term. With the baby coming in just a few months, she not only needs to look out for her future, but also the spawn. (Spawn spawn spawn spawn......). Bricks provides a great deal of physical protection, and I'd imagine emotional protection too. Anything she can do to keep herself alive.

We discover the fate of Tanya

Reason being? Oh that's easy!

Remember that Captain with the crushed legs? Remember who is the only one who has ever seen a slow turn happen? Tanya is either going to be in that room still and will be asked to give a consultation or she has been released and will be Army Strong. I'm not really sure how the injured soldier returning is going to play into the plot line of "it changed everything" that Michael mentioned, but she still has a role. And I do believe Tanya will have a hand in how it plays out.

No Dunbar Tower this Chapter

Ever notice how Kc brings us right to the brink of something awesome (like an interrogation of Burt) and then goes elsewhere and never returns? I've already alluded to the idea that we have nothing more to talk about with the Dunbar crew right now, so I think they take a back seat for the moment. Ultimately, they have a very large part to play in the rest of this season (how else are we going to get the band back together?) but there's nothing they can do now.

Dunbar is set for the season finale. Their path is decided they just have to figure out how to get there. Now we need to get to that exact same place with the two other groups of survivors we care about.

The purpose of the Map is revealed

This is one of those hedge bets. I feel like the map the Captain went back and got herself turned into a Para-Olympian for (watching the Olympic trials right now and keep seeing commercials for the Para-Olympics. GO USA!) is going to be reclaimed by Michael. Being the heartless prick he is can't you just see him yelling at her for getting hurt for going back to get the map?

I have harped on the existence of a (broken) satellite phone for a few weeks. Now I'm going to join in the chorus harping on the map. She went back and got broke for it. It better be worth her while, and more importantly ours.

Lizzy becomes aware of Burt at the Colony

I would imagine she would have been kept in the dark about it. If Burt is around and she knows about it, she'd be trying her damndest to get him out. Or at least get the same treatment as she is getting. I don't believe that the "big guy" Pete mentioned is Burt because there's no good reason to let those two even talk to each other and let them formulate plans. Nope....Burt is still chained to a wall in the hospital somewhere and Lizzy has absolutely no idea.

That's it. I've got to go watch people running, jumping, swimming, and gymnasting (gymnasting?) better than I could even do in video games. But in my defense all those Olympic Games for Nintendo were horse shit. Did you ever play the freakin' Winter Olympics one where no matter what button you touched that bitch fell on the ice? GOD! So annoying!

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  1. werewolf's Avatar
    lol family ties now that is funny.
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  2. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    Dude....eagle on water.. Your a winner already.
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  3. awkwardalex's Avatar
    (whoever helped me with this...NAME YOURSELF!)
    When Angel ate a "bullet salad" I was having trouble understanding Scratch: It sure is hard to break ____ _____.
    Someone told me that they thought it was "It sure is hard to break family ties."

    So I'm kind of thinking that maybe it has to do with scratch. Plus that may mean Burt and we have had two (new) words from the man this season.
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  4. Witch_Doctor's Avatar
    Family Ties:
    Saul, Lizzy, Baby
    Saul, Tonya
    Angel, Scratch, Durai
    Kalani, Hanna

    Less obvious:
    Zombie Families
    Not really trying to go anywhere with this. Just drawing ties.
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  5. VEE's Avatar

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  6. Mikeyd2tall's Avatar
    Heheheh spawnspawnspawnspawn ;D
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