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the Apocalypse will not be televised(opinion piece/rant)/ mature content

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-----to be noted----
*I'm writing this quickly, from my mobile in fact, because I feel the raw energy of what I'm saying is important in how I express these thoughts. This all stemmed from a conversation between yarri and myself in the chatbox, but i feel strongly enough about the message that i want everyone to see it. Im writing this on zero sleep and I don't glad I at least spelled correctly(!). You have been warned, grade on the curve when it comes to the grammatical stuff...enjoy

I've not been following all the details of the last few days. The things I am aware of do indicate to me that the "zombie uprising" is upon us now though. And I can say without hesitation that if the things we are lead to believe are true. We have entered an apocalypse we are wholly unprepared for. Let me explain..

From the latest reports I've read about, the raging, cannibalistic behaviours spreading along the eastern coastline are being blamed on a synthetic drug labeled "bath salts". To see all the reports and many of the details in a bit more depth, they have been compiled in a thread here. I'll spare all the details for this reason..if you want to know, go read that shit.

The thing I find the most frightening about this situation is, our initial response here was one of shock and, um "readying ourselves". The initial discussion osiris and I had was one of "if it is drugs its better than if it's a virus or something weird". Well, as I continue to wrap my brain around all the details I believe that to be the absolute opposite of what all this could become.

And that scares the shit out of me

When you look back though the years, we as Americans and for all intents and purposes, most any country reading this...have had our fair share of drug use and abuse. Simply thinking back through the decades in America we had LSD in the late sixty's/early seventies, the eighties were riddled with tales of rampant cocaine use, the nineties we saw the rise of ecstasy, and early into the twenty-first century the beginnings of the "designer" drug era began. Now i am by no means a drug expert, in fact i have very limited knowledge of the stuff, but even i know that none of the things I've listed above have ever died out. ALL of these things still exist to this day.
in fact, as I racked my brain for a substance that has been completely wiped out of existence, the only thing I could come up with was Quaaludes...and I know when I was younger, I heard tales of people having those around still..

What I'm getting at is, without some type of major intervention on the part of the government to completely stomp out ALL of this bath salt nonsense. We very well could continue to see things like this pop up across the country for years to come. Lets go back to the Quaaludes i mentioned a second ago, i don't have all the facts of when they went on the market and when they were taken off, for this rant those things don't matter. What does matter however, is the fact that even with a total wipeout of the product, people still managed to get ahold of them...

...A decade later.

so regardless of the effects, people are likely to continue doing this stuff. Without a very thorough removal of the stuff from the market, it will continue to exist for possibly years to come. The truly mind melting part of that equation however? For the users, the aspect of "I might turn into a raging cannibal on this" is the most alluring part of it all..the gambling spirit within some people is difficult to control. So it is probably safe for us to say "the zombie apocalypse has begun" because in the most realistic sense of it, it has. What a sad apocalypse this will be, your stash of weapons serves you little purpose. All the those stacks of water and canned food? Nope. You will not be needing that. The best weapon you could have is a can of mace and some good cardio, because these are not undead "zombies"..they are living people. People with a bad habit, people that media outlets will eventually deem victims. The more i think about this whole situation, the more i see it as a major black eye for us as a community and the zombie genre as a whole. No sir, this apocalypse does not need to be televised.

Hank you for your time
Todd out
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  1. yarri's Avatar
    a can of mace and good cardio I <3 you Todd LOL ! But you are right in all points you're right.
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  2. Slim FiTT's Avatar
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  3. VEE's Avatar
    on topic I think:

    Aug 2010 - Daily Mail proclaims Ivory
    Wave, aka Cloud Nine, aka Bath Salts,
    the latest evil legal high, for possibly
    killing a bride who bought it to
    lose weight.

    Jan 2011 - Daily Mail and American media
    report a new trend of kids slashing their
    throats after possibly snorting Bath Salts.

    June 2012 - Daily Mail reports that
    Cloud Nine, aka Bath Salts, could
    possibly be the drug responsible for
    a trend of cannibalism in the Miami area.
    The girlfriend of the "Miami Cannibal"
    agrees, reasoning that: "The only
    other explanation was supernatural.
    That someone put a voodoo curse on him…"

    The suggestion of the article I took this from is that, in relation to this particular drug, it is a load of bull. Although your points are still valid.
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