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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls and children of all ages.....Welcome back to the Voodoo Lounge!

There's been a lot going on in here! I've had to fire and retrain new bartenders. The cook staff was abandoned on an island with sharp rocks and sticks and told the survivor would be the new lead chef. We are now ready to serve YOU!

What an episode we got last week, right??!! My humble apologies to those who held a certain Lt. in high regard as he no longer shuffles on this mortal coil. There was certainly no way anyone would have predicted his demise would go down like that. We all assumed he was alive following the events of chapter 24, but had no idea it was for this purpose. He admirably stood up for his friends as his last act of defiance to Scratch and her brood.....

.....And I won the Angel War....

So where do we go from here? Onwards and upwards my friends! To new exciting adventures in this now Angel-less world!!!!

*looks around....sees no one. Tips his cap to the fallen* Rest well, Blonde Boy-o.

Chapter 30's title is....


Tanya Reveals What She Was Going to Tell Michael

Based on nothing more than a hunch (and the fact that Michael brought it back up to Kimmet last chapter part) Tanya and Michael will discuss what she wanted to tell him before she was attacked by Randy. It happens frequently with Mr. Wayland's story here. We don't think about something for a long time (6-10 chapters) and then it's brought back to the forefront and discussed soon after. Michael just told Kimmet that Tanya was their record keeper. As such, Kimmet is going to make use of that and make Michael talk to her about anything that might have been missed. I'm 90% confident this happens this chapter.

Riley Begins Her Training

It may not be something we see per se, but I think Riley begins her military training this chapter. Barring something zombie related happening, I don't see why we would need to actually experience the training of a new recruit. I can't imagine listening to Riley walk in formation to be exciting, riveting, edge-of-your-seat listening. So she'll begin training this chapter, but she'll just complain about it to Michael. I'm also very confident in this one at 90%.

We Will Not See Burt's Interrogation

You know how that Kc Wayland guy likes to torture us? He's kept us waiting to hear about Michael's arm. He waited for 2+ seasons until he showed us Ground Zero. He left the fate of Angel and Burt up in the air for so long. And now, he's going to take us away from Burt.

It's classic. Give 'em what they want and leave them wanting more. I feel the story is going to pull away from Burt and the Mallers...../colony.....for the time being. We will focus primarily on Ft. Irwin and The Other Tower. There's a lot of information CJ still has that she hasn't divulged. I feel like there's a bit more exposition to occur before we step towards the end of the season arc. We have finally resolved Season 2 dilemmas, now we need the last pieces of the puzzle to kick start Season 3's main story arc. What that story arc is....not certain, but I'm positive it won't involve information from Burt at this moment.

Will we see it eventually? Yeah I'd imagine so. However, I don't think it happens this time. 55% confident we don't Burt this chapter.

CJ Makes an Exposition Dump

I'm sure I could have phrased this title better, but I don't care.

I feel its been agreed by most of us here that CJ has a lot more information than she let on in the first place. We also agree that she sabotaged Victor's air tank. She knows more than she's letting on to. I feel like where we left her at the end of 28 leaves her not much room but to give us the info we're looking for out of her. And between her and Tanya, if there is a cure to be had they will have it between them. CJ figured out that the medication in Saul might be helping. Tanya put it there. Maybe there is a cure after all. Or maybe not a cure, but a way in which to inoculate the living from turning if bit.

If this is the case, that's a major boon for the living. Now if you succumb to your attacker you won't just turn around and attack your former allies. You'll just die like in any other war. Does CJ have room left to continue to manipulate Saul and Victor now that she's nearly killed them once? Twice? Nah. She has to be warming up to them more.

Or she's going to shoot them in their sleep. Either or. I'm 60% confident of an exposition dump from CJ this chapter.

We Will Not Go to Boulder

Not saying the characters who elected to go there don't go. I'm saying we don't get to experience it.

To me, I don't see a good enough reason to go to Boulder. I don't think the day to day lives of those people really make a difference to us as listeners. Kind of like the uneventful procurement of water by the tower....Boulder is an uneventful procurement of safety. For now. We will most likely get something from Boulder but it's way too early for us to go back to the people that just left us. All Kelly is going to do is try to get laid, Pegs will be all defiant and garden to her hearts content while a festering little bubble of spite/anger grows in her chest, and Datu will cry at Hope's successful eye surgery.

No Boulder. 100% Confident we don't see Boulder.

Now watch this is the first scene of Chapter 30.

We Discover Where Burt has Been...

Prediction for twitter user @radiopm.

I think the basic crux of this is we discover where the Mallers are. As WND hasn't been released as of publishing, you don't know how far I went to try to confirm my theory. But you will.

I believe we are safe in assuming the Mallers are at the colony for two reason. First, Durai went south. Durai knows about Angel enough to dictate Tardust film him. So they've obviously met back up. Secondly, they are in a place with solid medical facilities, and has a doctor who doesn't know enough to stay out of Scratch's way when she's on the warpath. This leads me to believe they have indeed reached the colony.

Now all that said, I don't think we're going back there and if we do....I doubt that would be revealed now. So I'm going to say 10% chance we discover where Burt is/where the Mallers are...

...if they're at the Colony now should we change their names to the Colonials?

Michael gets New Orders to Leave Irwin

Another prediction from the twitter verse. This is from @molonlabe88

Eventually, yes. I agree. But not quite yet. We still haven't established a new norm with Michael's position at Irwin. He needs to be proven trustworthy before I'd think especially bringing in an infected person, and not being able to persuade his friends to stay as he said he could. Michael is an unknown commodity at Irwin right now so I don't think he would be given marching orders yet. He will eventually. He has unique insight into the layout of LA and where things are and aren't. If retaking ground is truly a concern and priority of Kimmet's then Michael is the perfect person to lead a squad back to LA for some recon work.

But not yet. That story arc might happen at the end of this season or into next. 0% chance in my opinion that Michael gets orders that require him to leave Irwin.

Ah....feels good to knock the rust off and get back to predicting. Now its high time that Kc bitch slaps me down and makes it so every single solitary one of these is incorrect. But what would be the fun in being correct all the time?

That's all for now. Fair warning, this may hit the back burner again for 31. I'll be in the midst of moving out of my apartment and may not be able to spare the time to think about things other than bubble wrap, boxes, bins, midgets, trampolines, whipped cream and sauerkraut.....don't ask me how those things are connected.

See you next time! Enjoy Chapter 30!
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  1. Osiris's Avatar
    I'd be incredibly surprised if we didn't see Burt through this chapter. In fact, I'll say with 100% certainty we see Burt before part three of this chapter and if I'm wrong I'll take a 1 week ban.
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  2. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    From the chatbox or from the forum? I'd hate to knock you out for a week for realz if you're wrong!
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  3. werewolf's Avatar
    how can we see Burt's Interrogation. when its a pod cast. just joking Nikvoodoo
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  4. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by werewolf
    how can we see Burt's Interrogation. when its a pod cast. just joking Nikvoodoo
    DAMNIT! You caught me!!!!

    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  5. awkwardalex's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris
    I'd be incredibly surprised if we didn't see Burt through this chapter. In fact, I'll say with 100% certainty we see Burt before part three of this chapter and if I'm wrong I'll take a 1 week ban.
    But...but...who will discuss shoulders and pain killers with Yarri and I? If your wrong of course, which I hope you are not.
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  6. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris
    I'd be incredibly surprised if we didn't see Burt through this chapter. In fact, I'll say with 100% certainty we see Burt before part three of this chapter and if I'm wrong I'll take a 1 week ban. week ban you say........hmmmmmmmmmm.............

    We never shook on it. I suppose we'll just let this one go
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  7. Osiris's Avatar
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum. I stand willing to take the ban. A bet is a bet is a bet.
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  8. awkwardalex's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris
    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum. I stand willing to take the ban. A bet is a bet is a bet.
    You've already been gone a week! with your writing and stuff!
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  9. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    If you want to take a ban, let's keep it light and say no cb for a week. You can still blog and write and post, but cb is a no go.

    If you want to take it on the chin, we can make it happen.
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