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Survivor Kitchen "American style"

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Space Balls I mean Spam Balls (with peanut butter sauce)

This was an interesting challenge and forced my hand as a kitchen witch to work some intense magic with spices and heat to create something eatable out of one of the most notoriously icky food products in the history of the world… Spam, Yes I said it SPAM © What is SPAM you ask? Spam is a combination of two words spiced and ham (I question the spiced idea of that cause its bland as flour paste with a pork flavor that is unique all on its own but it’s not spicy) Spam is a canned precooked meat product (the definition of meat product is assholes and lips) and it was originally made by Hormel Food Corporation and as per the web site it was introduced in 1937.
I used original Spam for this recipe but there are about seven different varieties. Spam, Spam light with less kcal, salt, and fat, Spam turkey, Spam with less salt, Spam with black pepper, Spam with jalapeno, Spam with bacon (yep pork with more pork I had to look at that one twice) and Spam with hickory smoke flavor, Spam with cheese and Spam hot and spicy.
The idea for this blog actually came from Osiris so I give him credit for it. Originally I had thought to grill the Spam over the BBQ but as I live in a temporal rainforest that plan went to hell with the downpour on Friday when I did the cooking for this blog I opted for meat balls and it was an excellent way to use the canned chicken that was one of the three chosen ingredients for this blog.

For this I used high quality Adam's peanut butter as in a end of the world type situation Adams best simulated homemade peanut butter for taste, Canned chicken breast and Spam original recipe.

To make a good meat ball meat if solid needs to be minced fine as I do not own a meat grinder I added the chicken and Spam to my food process with the S blade and pulsed it till it looked like this...(don't forget to drain the chicken well)

Looks sort of like veal or maybe ground human? j/k

The resulting mixture is very soft and moist. So somethings are needed to help them form into meatballs and as the paste of meat was really rather unsavory when I tasted it.

Panko bread crumbs will be rare in the end of the world so oatmeal 1/2 to 2/3 of each can be used. I used soy sauce, hot sauce, chili peppers, pepper fresh ground, cumin, rosemary, curry, mustard.. anything can be used and I strongly encourage it. ( and this egg was in the picture I never used it I'm unsure of why its there but it is) oh and garlic and onion powder

With clean hands form balls with the meat in as close to the same size as possible. I did these approximately the size of a walnut. I then baked them at 350 degrees for 20 minutes till they were a brown and heated all the way through.

While the meat balls cooked I made the peanut sauce. In Thai cooking a peanut sauce is usually served with Beef or Chicken satay and as this recipe is a variation of satay using spam I made peanut sauce. I don't follow a recipe I have my own that my family prefers.

1 cup peanut butter thinned with the coconut milk seasoned to taste with chili powder, garlic, fish sauce, fresh pepper,

FYI, when cooking with coconut milk you need to watch the pot when its heating up this was the result of 30 seconds of me not paying attention.

pretty sure I can't save the pan.

As the entire dish is ugly as sin and the same exact shade of taupe I served it over noodles which also blended in I added a good green salad and grape tomatoes for color.

My daughter shown here holding her plate before she prepared her self to eat it. I'm happy to report she's alive and well and expressed enjoyment of her repast.

(no egg was harmed in the making of this blog... I still don't know why I had it out when I never used it)
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