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Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 28 Predictions (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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You'll be happy to know that The Voodoo Lounge aced it's health inspection last month. At this time, we are back and better than ever! And just in time, too!

What an awesome chapter!! So many great things to chew on, and there's more great we're alive action to be had! So let's sharpen our focus and set our well trained prognosticating eyes to chapter 28!

Chapter 28's title is....


Kalani's story is interrupted

I had this sinking suspicion on WND that Kalani's story hit a potential stopping point. This title is throwing me for a loop with my thinking. I know we all want the conclusion to Kalani's story (if for no other reason we'd be able to move forward again instead of backtracking like some nay-Sayers lately), and i see it going one of two ways: the story gets interrupted now so we're left guessing or it finishes now in order to propel a new story line. That title really is screwing with my head.....I'm flipping my prediction from WND and saying 49% his story gets interrupted (meaning we hear the end).

Michael is questioned about the chopper

Since I lost this last time, I'll roll the dice once more. This hinges on the rest of Kalani's story not taking the whole chapter to finish. You can figure one part to get through the war, and the confession to Pippin. Maybe Michael gets pulled in part 3 and that's our chapter cliff hanger somehow. Hard to say this happens with much confidence, but it's gotta happen sometime damnit!...............I just can't say it happens this chapter. 48% Michael is questioned this chapter about the chopper.

CJ learns of Sean's fate

Victor is very good at the tight lipped warrior. Just ask Kelly ( she might argue his zipper is tighter....). So in order for this to happen, the even tighter lipped CJ is probably going to have to show an emotion beyond anger and defiance. Her opening up about her experience in the attack might put her there.

The hardest part of putting this as a positive is I don't think this info Saul (aka He with diarrhea of the mouth) can spill on accident. Maybe CJ tells them something about Sean's physical characteristics and it jogs something in Victor. We the audience and Ft Irwin folk know what Sean looks like. Victor probably hasn't made the connection yet. 60% CJ discovers Sean's fate.

CJ and /or Sean is/are revealed to be a prison guards/correctional officers

Enough slash marks? Feels like old DOS Prompts on here all of a sudden...

There are lots of people claiming that CJ and sean were members of the Eastern Bay staff. I like it. I'm taking it as a prediction. It makes the most sense as to why the mallers can't go to the other tower themselves. Any one of them could potentially be recognized and blow the whole thing and Kalani was the perfect option for believability and leverage.

It would also explain the general obsession the mallers appear to have with the other tower. I'd want a modicum of revenge on my prison guards too if suddenly there were no rules anymore. This again is hoping Kalani's story ends quickly. 55% again this comes to pass.

The Tower Duo in LA become a Trio!

In the exploration of CJ and her back story (which I am praying happens or I'm automatically at 50% on my predictions already), we may finally be able to find common ground with Saul and Victor. Maybe it's the idea of putting an end to the Mallers. Maybe some piece of information The Duo has will light a fire in CJ to fight again. I see CJ more and more as a very sad character. When she says she describes how she went to patch up the hold brick by brick I imagine her powering through the moment, while choking back tears. Alone. Solitary. And she's closing herself in with the intention of never letting anyone else in again.

It's going to take some doing to convince CJ to join the new collective in LA. But between Saul's passion and Victor's cool head I think they will be able to present a solid case to her. Now....the question is will it happen now? Another hard one to call. I'm going to edge to the positive this time. 60% CJ agrees to join with Saul and Victor.

Kalani will Explain How and Why Pippin was Killed

While we all presume that Kalani is the rat at this point I'm still not entirely convinced he did it on purpose....but I'm pretty sure now that he at least did it on accident. I am, however, infinitely confident he killed Pippin. Now we have to understand why this happened. Maybe it's the selfish reason I was talking about on WND during the Season 2 finale episode. He was protecting himself from having his story blown. Maybe it's something more nefarious. Maybe he somehow contacted Pippin to get Hannah brought to the Tower but Pippin sold him out. If that's the reason: Built in Bullet catcher excuse!!

I really want this to happen this chapter. If for no other reason, I want to hear Michael ream out King Datu the Resourceful for accidentally vouching for Kalani's whereabouts during the assassination. 85% Kalani's story covers Pippin's assassination and why he did it.

That's it for this chapter. It's getting harder and harder to predict where the story is going (also because it's really really hard to commit the time to writing this blog!). I'm going to work on a better system for the future and hopefully get back to my regular Monday release schedule. Thanks for reading! Don't forget to listen to WND episodes and listen to me blow past the obvious points like how TOWTM could possibly know CJ was a woman to say "Leave her." I never said I'm perfect, but every once and a while it's nice to be humbled by some very simple Occam's Razor logic!

I may or may not wrap up chapter 27 on it's own. I might just wait to put 27 and 28 together as one post....being a new dad is like...time consuming man!
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  1. cupcakezombie's Avatar
    Wow, that chapter title is... wow!

    Good predictions Nik
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  2. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    I know, right??!! It threw my whole plan up in the air. Including my prediction/theory that Kalani never made it back into the Tower. If he sent Riley down first, he could have in theory planted that journal in Bill's desk immediately after. It's sketchy because he was in radio contact
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  3. cupcakezombie's Avatar
    There are just some many things as well as people that it could refer to
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  4. yarri's Avatar
    Ok that title freaks me out..
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  5. abayarts's Avatar
    I wonder if it would jump to Sean's story and how he got killed by the colony. A long shot and it might never happen.
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  6. 7oddisdead's Avatar
    Hmm..flip it in ways nobody thinks of...
    All stuff from ft Irwin..and the waterworks story.
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  7. Raven's Avatar
    Victor already acknowledged knowing Sean "Sean huh...?" When CJ mentioned him the first time around but I wouldn't be adverse to hearing more about the sweet lug who carried Hope all the way but like Martin I don't think it adds enough to the story to merit more details
    0 Likes, 0 , 0 , 0
  8. nikvoodoo's Avatar
    @raven: but CJ didn't clock it. She didnt make a connection that Victor made a connection.
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  9. Wicked Sid's Avatar
    Not very decisive on this one, eh?

    I thought that the Mallers did not know the location of the other tower and that's why they needed a clean mole a.k.a. Kalani.

    Maybe Chinwe was the "warden" and that's the reason why she had so many files on the prisoners already and was very meticulous in her methods.
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  10. cupcakezombie's Avatar
    But she also knew guns, remeber her grilling Saul when they first meet up. That is not necessarily prision warden knowledge.
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  11. awkwardalex's Avatar
    Last Dying Breath.

    WTF??? Now I will not be able to sleep goddamn you KC Wayland!!!
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  12. Adventureless_Hero's Avatar
    I love it all and believe you are on the track to get the majority correct this chapter. (Hope I didn't hex you with that).

    The only one I would disagree on is that some light will be shed on Pippin's murder. Although I'm very confident Kalani pulled the trigger, I don't think we'll touch on it any time soon, if at all. I don't know when Kalani would have had an opportunity to write about it, unless it was so premeditated that the moment folks went downstairs to collect Pippin at the front gate, Kalani turned around and scribbled, "I'm going to kill that prick." There is a strong chance we may never know exactly what happened, other than what we've already heard.

    Unless Kelly suddenly says, "I knew Pippin was a Maller. When I was on guard duty, he let slip so many lies. I knew no one else would do it, so I did. Kalani's journal just proves it."
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  13. Adventureless_Hero's Avatar
    Fuck that title!

    Okay, so who it could refer to: Angel, Burt, Kalani, Riley, Hannah, and/or Randy.
    Michael could be tempted to tell his story about what happened at the Water Pumping Station.
    Riley could be a surprise death (not likely).
    Maybe Angel's mangled body is in the hands of the Mallers now and we hear his last moments.
    Perhaps Burt isn't in tip top shape and finally meets his death at the hands of Scratch and her cronies.

    Argh, so many possibilities. Fuck this title!
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  14. Mostawb's Avatar