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Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 27 Predictions Unfinished Symphony Edition (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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OWNER AND PROPRIETOR NOTE: I posted the closed for health reasons because I don't have a post that I'd really like to share with the populace. I wasn't able to really complete this chapter's blog post and I was always the student that refused to take partial credit for partial work. It's either completely done and I get full credit, or it's partially done and I sit on it and don't turn in anything and take the zero.

I got stuck at the point I was trolling around the forum looking for theories. But since I have some predictions done now, and I have the chapter title from Kc to reveal to you....I'm going to post what I've completed and if I have time I'll swing back in to finish them before we start Chapter 27 this Monday. If I don't....I'll just enter this into the Canon as my official prediction blog and it can be sort of like my unfinished Symphony.

With the major plot "twist" we were left with at the end of Chapter 26, I'm starting to get some nice ideas brewin' in ye olde noggin....and much like the way I've run out of different ways to say BAM to introduce myself on WND, I'm starting to run out of zombie puns to start the blog....This disheartens me as I do so enjoy a good pun. But alas and alack, it must not be in the cards anymore. Enough of the garbage, lets get to the real stuff!

Chapter 27's Title Is....

We Discover the Fates of Burt and Angel
I'm just getting this one out of the way quickly. No. Not happening this chapter at all. Just think of how will that happen? Saul and Victor are now going to be distracted by this Kalani revelation from the end of chapter 26. We all know Kc doesn't rush through his moments. 0% chance we find out about Angel and Burt this chapter. (I may just retire this one's really starting to feel like a cop out).

Kalani Will Be Made to Look Like the Rat
As I have made my opinion crystal clear: I do not think Kalani is the rat. That does not mean he can't look like it for a while. Think about this for just a second: There are two separate groups with information regarding Kalani. Chinwe has Saul and Victor with a dossier on Kalani of some variety. Michael has a journal (or two) directly from Kalani. To me it is more exciting (and creates WAY more interest) if the information is conflicting. What I think is most likely to happen is Kalani will look like he's the traitor from the information Chinwe has, but will be vindicated in some manner through his journals. I know a lot of you feel (somewhat) the same way. 85% Kalani will be made to look like the Rat this chapter.

Chinwe is Revealed to be CJ
Much like we believe Burt to be alive, we all believe Chinwe to be CJ. But until it's said in the story: It's not fact. It sincerely is as simple as Saul making a connection between Kalani's origin story and this place they are in now and *poof!* CJ connection made. And I'm pretty sure Saul is the one to make the connection since he was in the room for the Michael gender mistake in Chapter 11 as Kalani described the Other Tower. It's risky for me to put so many positive predictions on one half of the story line, but I'm going to anyway. 70% Chinwe is revealed to be CJ. The unwritten brother prediction to this is the place Saul, Victor, and CJ are located is the Other Tower.

Michael Gets "Interrogated" About The Helicopter
It's going to be one of the first things the military command structure would want to know. Information. And Michael as the leader of this group that just crash landed there must have some of what they want. Interrogation may be a harsh word for what I think will happen with's not like he's going to be tied to a chair and have a lamp burning his eye brows off or anything...but I feel like there might be questioning about it this chapter. I'd hope not necessarily forceful questioning because then we're rehashing the Colony all over again. But he's got to be questioned about where he found the helicopter and where it's original occupants ended up. 65% Michael gets questions about the helicopter.

....This post seems to be doing the exact opposite of the last one.....maybe it's time I start thinking of stuff I don't think will happen that are popular theories around the forum!
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  1. brad1's Avatar
    ohh what happened to burt?!?!?!?!?!?!??! he was 1 of my favorite him and sol and micheal i dont know who is better
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  2. Blood & Ice Cream's Avatar
    the 31st could also refer to the 31st state admitted i.e California


    the 31st Infantry Regiment, was reactivated as part of the 10th Mountain Division at Fort Drum (Saul's old unit?)
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