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Wicked Sid

One Year!

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Yesterday marked one year to the day when Kc Wayland said to himself,

"To hell with this crap!" As he pointed horrifically at the lame lines and dull colours of the late forum.

And today is the one year anniversary of the great forum switch of 2011. It is one we all would like to never forget. So much has changed since that fateful day, some I can attribute to the wondrous mods, admins, and coders you can see day to day.

And the Rest? Well, that was done by the man himself, Kc Wayland, of course!

The ChatBox, which mutated into different rooms. Forum styles, which had started out as a black background, is now in the style of The Tower, everyone gets their own apartment. The arcade, which was non-existent until a few months ago, is now available for anyone to play. These are just a few of the things that have changed.

It's like a whole new world.

This dynamic website, which caters to those who love the podcast created by Shane Salk and Kc Wayland, is a whole new entity and will continue to change as it grows in size, expanding along side We're Alive as it conquers the world of Audio-Drama.

Only one thing left to say:

- The sky's the limit.
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    Lick... oh damn...
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    sorry, but i had no choice.
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    Dah.... But what's next? What else can we improve?
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