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The Spoiler's Review

The Spoiler's Review - Chapter 25.1 - Insufficient Force

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Zomg zomg zomg zomg! WE’RE BACK PEOPLE! OOOOAHHH!!

I went off the drugs last year and now I’m *tweak* relapsing! Hit me with WA juice!

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If this is your first time visiting my blog, welcome! I started TSR somewhere in the middle of Season 2 but I’ve been listening since the hiatus days of Season 1. Basically I started this blog to offer an alternative view point to what’s happening in the show. I’m cursed with overanalyzing everything (its automatic) and this show always has my brain going. I pick things apart and try to decode cool little hidden messages that KC puts into every chapter. Some of them have turned out to be clues about the future. The rest have yet to be proven. I review and criticize the elements in the show (i.e. acting, sound, editing, writing, character development, consistency, etc). To ensure I only write about my perspective, I steer clear of WND and the forums until I’ve at least written my notes for the episode that week.

Updates are posted sometime after Monday when the show airs but before the next show airing. I’m behind schedule right now so this is going to be short and it's likely I won't get this post out until midnight. However if anyone’s ever paid attention to the actual post times (converted to Pacific) of my previous blogs, 12am is early! At the end of the 3rd part per chapter I give my thoughts on the chapter as a whole and speculate on what’s to come.

On with the review!

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Though I’m excited about this next season, I’m carefully refraining from voicing any expectations because when it comes to trilogies I kinda go “eh.” Not that I believe We’re Alive will fall into that category, it’s just hard to top yourself a 2nd time. We know (mostly) of who the characters are and what they’re about. The last 5 or so episodes left us with hundreds of questions and only answered … two at the most. With that said, the audience expects to have some answers this time around. The problem that comes with giving away answers after so many months of suspense, it can kill the mood of the show because with one answer all the dominos start to fall into place and those missing puzzle pieces start to form a picture.

So some of the real challenges that Writing has this time is how to maintain that suspenseful tension that we all know and love and keep the story interesting without giving too much away at one time and build up to another awesome finale without overdoing it (long sentence). A third installment to an already great series can really kill a great story. You know, the kind that make you say “why did they make that?”

It feels like only yesterday when Burt fell to his demise! There wasn’t much to this chapter since it only focused on the Towers fall from a ground level point of view. Even though we mostly hear from Saul and Victor, there’s quite a few things to analyze in this exchange between the two.

When I gave my first thoughts about Victor in my 19.2 blog, I got the sense he was very guarded. He may say “I’ll protect your friends if you’re gone,” but his actions tell me he would gladly feed your friends to the wolves to make his escape. When he and Michael got in trouble for the radio at the Colony, he was all prepared to throw Michael under the bus. We don’t know Victors entire back story yet but he comes off as being the “doom and gloom” type of guy.

It’s fun watching listening to Saul keep a cool head while Victors flipping out at the thought of being the last two people alive. I feel sorry for him in the sense that he didn’t get a chance to see what it’s like to live around people with a conscience in this cruel, post-apocalyptic world. But I do think he ended up with the ideal person to put up with his freak outs. Burt would have shot him by now and Angel would have just argued with him all day until something ate them. A part of me wants someone to sit him down and bring him up to speed on everything. Lover Boy is on a personal mission to save his girl and Victor could give a crap less.

Now the problem with this set up… since Victor is unaware of the relationship the Tower residents share, and he’s come from a place where backstabbing is an everyday occurrence, if they’re ever in a tight situation, will Victor betray Saul? Right now he has no reason (other than companionship) to risk anything for Saul or his goals. At this stage he could comfortably defect to the Mallers as long as he’s guaranteed some kind of protection for himself. Hopefully we’ll see some kind of bonding in the coming episodes. I know Saul can handle himself just fine, but Victor and his current thought process is a liability.

I'm not surprised to see the helicopter go down in the middle of nowhere. I don't want to speculate too hard on this part because it's so easy to be wrong, but I got three words for you: hidden underground bunker.
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