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One Beer no bread part 3/3 Bring on the end of the world! I got Biscuits and gravy!

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I opted out of actual bread this morning as its hella cold and my shoulder hurts and the assistant bread kneader was not available. So we did biscuits and gravy

Its amazing what you can do with half a package of chicken sausage some flour and milk and butter

Southern gourmet food!

A little ugly but not bad for a first attempt. I put them in a well greased black cast iron skillet next time I might roll them out and use a biscuit cutter.

The gravy.. Good southern gravy as per my dearly departed southern grandmother had to be thick and well seasoned. I added chopped garlic, salt and fresh cracked/ground black pepper. I think one of the things I will miss if the world ever ends is black,green, white and red pepper corns.

The finished product.. A proper southern biscuit and gravy!

Special thinks to j0be for showing me the way to defeat the flicker dragon!!! RAWR!!!!!!!
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