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They're Not Dead

They're Not Dead - Episode 22

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Disclaimer: I will not be talking about the We’re Alive podcast. I will be talking about the We’re Not Dead podcast. There will be spoilers of We’re Not Dead and consequently, We’re Alive spoilers may be included. Read with caution if you have not listened to either of the podcasts.

Finally! The season two finale, it’s been out a couple of weeks now, but I think we can all agree that it is fantastic (spoken like Doctor Who #1)! WND 22 was awesome too, but I don’t think any of us are surprised by either of the previous statements.

This week we had Britt and Greg, along with the guests Nikvoodoo and Luna Guardian. I would like to express my surprise that Luna was a dude. He told me that he was a girl when I first met him and has had me fooled for three months. But like Nik said, at least this mystery is put to rest.

There was A LOT of episode discussion this time. It was an hour long finale – as should be expected. They discussed the many deaths, old and new questions, and theories.

The gas tanker was one of the things talked about, the one that was being driven up to the tower for the final boom. It was asked why the driver just didn’t back up as soon as he was being shot at. While I understand that it was never made into a big deal on WND, I feel like they were not giving the thought chance enough. In stories you have to see things from the character’s point of view. We – as well as the driver – know that Scratch is pretty much insane and if you disobey her she will pretty much tear your intestines out. If I were driving that tanker, I would much rather keep driving and have the plan fail rather than risk pissing Scratch off by not going according to plan. I posted a thread a little while back on how this scene reminded me of the battle of Helm’s Deep from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. There are a lot of similarities and I was disappointed that none of the hosts were hard-core enough LOTR fans to make that comparison. They are almost too alike not to do that!

You may begin your pre-reminiscent tearing up now. Kalani’s death was obviously a big matter of discussion. Greg and others were saying how they felt no surprise when he died. I am calling capital silly pants on that. I can agree that his purpose was diminished since he is no longer the only chopper pilot, but he had so much more to give than some of our main characters. Look at Riley for instance: What is she to the tower? The drunk? At least Kalani could fly a helicopter and rescue half the tower (before it fell, that is). As soon as he died you knew that a lot of people were gonna die or get left behind because of lack of space on the helicopter. And I get that Riley is much more a main character, but I still think she is a bit useless. Kalani went from one of my least favourites to near the top of my list with his [act of] self-sacrifice, so I applaud you, Kalani.
Now if Kelly would just fall out of the helicopter. Hmm…

You’re probably wiping away those tears brought up by Kalani’s death. Or maybe not. How often have you teared up while listening during We’re Alive? If you answered more than once you are an emotional mess compared to the hard asses that hosts WND. I cry all the time during stories, whether it be movies, books, tv shows or even podcasts. I am a man who is in touch with his emotions and if someone dies or there is a sappy or emotional scene, I tear up. So I stand with you Luna. You may not be as bad as me about it, but I have found this show to pull on the heart strings a fair few times.

Is Burt dead? It was majority vote on WND that he was still alive, because Scratch said “Put him with the old man.” I feel like Burt is dead. No reason, I just feel like this is his end. We can only assume what she meant when she said that. Scratch is pretty young and she could see anybody as old. I mean, I see people in their late thirties as old, so who is to say what she views as old? Also, if it were Burt, we do not know if that is a corpse or living person this “living one” is being put next to. It is never safe to assume when Kc is writing the story, especially when things seem too obvious.

And that brings about the question Britt asked: “Who did Scratch get and why did she want them?” A question based more in assumption than anything. Who is to say that the person they found is who/what she wanted? I take it as she wanted the tower dead, and the tower is dead [Love live The Tower]. As for WHO they got, I would assume it is Angel, as many others do. We never actually “saw” Angel die, and he has not done anything big enough to warrant being killed off yet, so I see it as likely that they could find him in the rubble. But would Scratch not recognize him? She obviously knows him from somewhere, but I guess he was pretty roughed up so he could be unrecognizable.

Now, who is this Hannah? I do not think it could be the red head that was shot, because how in the heck would Kalani know that story already and be sure that this woman was “his Hannah”? Maybe he lost this Hannah at the old tower and he was trying to stop that from happening to other people. That statement could have meant a thousand different things and it scrambles my mind. But I guess if you were going to discuss it at all, it is best to do it around Nik, as he is the We’re Alive guru.

A question asked in many forms throughout the episode was “Where will the tower remnants go?” Where else in LA is safe? I agree with many on here that they will not be going to Fort Irwin. There are still too many questions in LA that need to be answered. Also, they are not even sure of the safety of the fort. The next step is going to be big. They are gonna want to stay close to search for survivors, but they need safety. I have a proposal, what if they go to the colony in desperation for safety? With these zombies and mallers running about, nowhere is safe. They know that the colony can offer safety from at least one of the two. They are not gonna be as welcomed as they were their first go, but what are their choices?

That raises the question: “Where is Durai?” It his highly speculated that he is either with the colony or the other tower. If he is with the colony and my theory that the tower remnants go back there holds true, that would cause a whole storm of trouble. But I see it as unlikely that he is there, because the tower could not make radio contact at that distance, but somehow the mallers were listening in on the tower’s talk. The mallers would have to be close enough to hear the tower, but also still be able to contact their leader. Unless the mallers and Durai have been out of contact for a while, it is impossible that he be there. I have no theory on where he is, but I know when we find out it is going to be epic.

We finally found out if Pippin was a spy or not! Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was sticking up for the guy, but it turns out he was seeking to make me look foolish by being a bad guy working as a spy for the mallers. That makes me glad the little bastard was shot, but it also raises the old question of “who was the shooter?” There are so many mysteries in this story, I am beginning to lose track.

And for one last little thing Nik said. He said that when he pictured the wall safe in Locked and Loaded, it was a 2x2x2. Which is not enough to hold an rpg, so it was obviously bigger than that which surprised him. I agree that I pictured a small safe too, but I have also seen gun safes and they are rather large. My family owns no guns, so I cannot imagine a safe in a wall, but the ones I have seen at stores were plenty big enough to hold an rpg.

Speaking of Nik, you have to give him some credit for making an awesome reference to the horocruxes and Nagini from Harry Potter. It was in context to Scratch and her hostages. I want to keep this as spoiler free as possible when it comes to Harry Potters, so I will leave it at that.

It was an amazing season 2 discussion and I look forward to a break full of equally excellent reviews on old chapters. Thanks for all the good times Britt and (sometimes) Greg! I’m saying this as a farewell because this may be my last They’re Not Dead for a while. It will depend on how busy my senior year is and how these podcasts will be done, because I imagine they will not be the same as they were now that they are reviewing info that is already known. But I will be beginning a new blog (or should I say journals now?) featuring a story I’ve been writing for a while now. It is a medieval zombie tale, so look forward to it!

And thank you to We're Alive, We're Not Dead, and everyone here on the forums for one of the most memorable summers of my life. This one is not a farewell, but the summer is over for me.

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They're Not Dead


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    well done creem. cant wait for the new story!
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    T'will be the last post for awhile from either of us for a while for today is our last day of freedom. It happens when our high school is more appropriately labeled as a college prep school. We shall disappear behind a mountain of papers, books, and computer files.
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    Dude, I managed to pull off a 5pm to 2am shift on this site last year. I won't let school tamper with my internet plans!!!
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