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truly random/breaking the rules(spoilers)

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the following blog is very laid back. the following blog has nothing to do with the storyarc of waldo butters and the jogger. the follwing blog is short but sweet. the follwing blog stole your cans of beans. the following blog is the combination of sleep deprivation, and an overactive imagination....the following blog has..begun

I’m a man of rules. Rules not meant govern my life, but to give it some form of structure. Most of these “rules” people would find quite silly. Example; the volume on anything I own must always be set at an odd number. Let’s say I want to purchase a new home theatre reciever…even if I love all the features of said receiver, I will not buy it if it cannot display volume in numerical fashion (this has happened)…other “rules” are; I begin growing a beard September first, I cut it off March twenty third. No ifs and or buts about it. I will avoid things like weddings, public events, etc. if my beard is deemed unacceptable by those who want me there. A third and final example I’ll give is I only drink mountain dew when I’m at work. Never outside of work.

These “rules” most people would see as a weird form of OCD, or perhaps a form of superstition. For me, they are simply a way to maintain some form of structure in a very chaotic life. If I wanted to, I could break myself of each of these habits quite quickly. I would simply stop doing them. But they have come to be a security blanket of sorts, and I find the idea of a self-imposed compulsion fascinating. Where am I going with all this you ask? Well…..

One of the “rules" I’m trying to establish on myself is…not blogging anything about the actual W/A pod cast. Instead focusing this section on other things related to the subject. The problem I’m having is, at this moment I simply want to shout all of my thoughts about the season finale from every rooftop I have access to…i will throw a very long winded theory/thought thing up in the crackpot thread at some point this week. but theres more to what i want to say than simple theories. So in a feeble attempt at expressing my views on the finale without talking much about the pod cast, a single paragraph…….breaking the rules

It’s Wednesday morning, and I’m sitting here listening to VNV nation, pondering my thoughts on the season finale. i have stayed away from the forums the last few days to let my thoughts on the subject gel, or congeal, depending on how you chose to look at it. When i think of it now, a single word comes to mind……epic. Not just the finale itself was of epic proportions, but the entire event was epic. From the opening scene, I like many had my feet firmly planted in the chatbox. The entire experience could be compared to being in the same room with roughly one hundred friends, all "wtf"ing at each other and high fiving all around. The hermit in me would typically shy away from things like that, but in this case…it was an amazing experience. One that I look forward to sharing again at some point in the future. The only thing I'll really say here about the finale itself was probably best put by Michael as his final line of the episode.

“I followed suit, trying hard not to think about what we left behind. But more on what was in front of us now…What remained…to be wherever we landed…"

So that’s what I recommend to any who reads this blog. Don’t look back on what has happened. Instead, let’s focus on just how exciting the next season should be! We feasibly can expect not just continuations of the current story arcs, but the addition of a possible ft. Irwin storyline and ……
That’s more than one paragraph…..

So in the meantime, we have the forum. Which as of this morning is in a state of life imitating art….our tower is shaking. Kc and a few others were scrambling the evening before to troubleshoot, trying to find solutions to the forums ailments. But the foundations (the threads) are still on shaky grounds. I have no doubt in their ability to solve the problems. I simply found the irony of the situation worth noting. Once all the commotion is over, though. The entertainment here will continue throughout the hiatus. Between the ever present theories threads, picture wars, the wiki updates….not to mention the countless blogs I’m sure most will find entertaining. Nik and rev’s survival inc. COsurvivor’s the road not taken. The amazing work of those people who actually know what their doing, like yarri, and osiris, in addition to the one's already mentioned. Hell, even the novice writers have a space. My own butters/my ex, er I mean…jogger/machete, for those who enjoy the amateur hour every week. This tower will not fall the same as its namesake did, not by a long shot…(to be noted.. forum issues fixed as of 11am, nice work guys)

This concludes my random ramble…next week we shall return to young master butter’s adventures in a land where the undead are “different” to say the least……..stay tuned

Todd out
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  1. HardKor's Avatar
    Ok that's just weird. My volume must ALWAYS be on an EVEN number. I don't know if that makes us kindred spirits or mortal enemies.
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    Updated Aug 3rd, 2011 at 02:00 PM by HardKor
  2. Waldo Butters's Avatar
    Likeness rights!
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  3. Creem_Filling's Avatar
    You forgot to mention my blog... Just sayin. Anyways, I liked it. I don't know why, since it accomplished nothing, but it was good. And beeteedubs, I always have to my volume on something divisible by five. Otherwise I can't even stand to listen to it.
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