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  1. sweet action. whatever you guys end up doing sounds good. starting to get a pretty good buzz behind this thing
  2. That's doable. I'll talk to Mick.... Going to the thread now
  3. st Louis, mo. well technically the Illinois side of stl. im actually "hosting" everyone at my place and leaving out on the 16th.

    hell, its all here!
  4. That sounds awesome and we've been talking about making it out there as well as podcasting on the drive. Where are you guys starting the trip from?
  5. hey man just dropping a line to say love the podcast. also, I know my partner on the w/a convoy hit ya up about joining us. if you guys can, or want to awesome! if not tis all good. were just EXTREMELY proactive about making things happen! again, you guys are awesome. keep it up.
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