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  1. the reason I asked if you listened to the HPL podcast was you look a bit like the guy who won a contest they ran. A deranged cultist. I love HP's work; tho I sometimes feel people fetishize his poverty and death--like Van Gogh.

    I HAVE looked at Propnomicon and I love, love, love it. My husband and I went to Necronomicon last year and was disappointed to see he wasn't there. There were some good artists there but having him there would have been awesome.

    I've never been around anyone who played Call of Cthulhu, but I've always wanted to play a game like that just this sort of way--with real props and puzzles. Wouldn't geo-cashing be awesome if it was part of something like that?
  2. I wanna say I have in the past, but not recently, no. is it good? I find that lovecraftian based stuff is hit or miss with me.

    btw. if you like the lovecraft imagery, have you checked out

    great site with tons of inspired art/props
  3. I'm going to try heating myself up with a jacket and see if that helps. I have low temp levels usually, so maybe that's why it always lingers. Hey, do you listen to the HPLovecraft Literary Podcast?
  4. ouch. that sounds rough. really hope you feel better soon! bronchitis sucks!

    mine finally broke yesterday. spent the day drinking robotussin and cranked the heat in the shop to 11. today I can breathe without the annoying cough.

    again, feel better! nothing worse than a persistant cold
  5. How are you feeling? I'm a month into a cough/bronchitis myself.
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