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  1. yeah I wouldnt have minded the ending if the real L had out smarted light but yeah man i agree with you
  2. It wasn't what I was hoping for, but it was what I expected. Light was evil, but genius so it had to be someone elses mistake. I wish L survived though. I'm glad you enjoyed it though! It really was well done.
  3. Ok im done with death note the ending wasnt what i was hoping for but hey you win some you loose some over all was a great series and had an amazing time with it
  4. ok right now im on episode 26 of death note and about your question i would say that L and Light are both dicks but L is doing the right thing. My favourite character is Ryuk but dude thank you sooo much for telling me about this i love it!
  5. I'm glad you like it dude! I didn't know my ramblings would actually convert someone to watching it. How far are you and are a fan of L or Light? Both are important so I know what is safe to talk about and if I can still see you as a good person.
  6. dude thanks for telling me about death note im loving every minute of it thanks
  7. Well, congrats then. I've been in your shoes and it truly is awesome.
  8. yes it was. It was awesome
  9. Oh, dude, no. It was 3 am and hour 42 of no sleep when I listened. I didn't retain much of it, so I'm going to relisten to it. Was it you?
  10. did u hear whos name was on were not dead?
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