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  1. Whoa, wait, What? What ranking? Thanks man.
  2. Congrats on jumping up the rankings ladder! Looks like you got Osi in your sites now...

    Hope you are doing well, bro!
  3. Really? I moved to Hampton Roads in '99. Originally from the Triangle, Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, in North Carolina.
  4. Hey man, I used to live in Newport News and Hampton, VA. We get back up there from time to time. Sure has changed a lot since we moved in '97...
  5. Ha Ha! Thanks, sorry for the confusion. The mushroom cloud was my tongue-in-cheek Mayan Apocalypse photo. Forgot to change it back. On my facebook page I tagged myself as The Neutron on the lower right, fidgeting with my tie. Usually, my avatar is Screamin' Jay Hawkins performing, "I Put a Spell on You."
  6. Got thrown for a loop when you changed your avatar pic. I was trying to figure out who this new person was that was slinging such sage advice and wise postings around the forums.... :-)

    Why the change?

    - Bubba
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