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  1. Survival, Inc. #3: Finland and Riverside, CA

    Nikvoodoo: So Revolver, before we get started: How about that new opening graphic??!! Pretty sweet, eh?

    TCM Revolver: I like it. Kind of a survivor man gets his ass beat by zombies kinda feel.

    Amazing what a quick google search can provide! Thanks to Kc for assisting us making it look awesome!

    Now...on to the blog!

    Summer is coming to a close. Labor
  2. Survival, Inc. #2: Sparta, IL and Dunedin, New Zealand

    Nikvoodoo: Mr. Revovler, despite some hiccups in terms of clarity, I'd say the first edition of Survival, Inc. was a resounding success.

    TCM Revolver: Yea, we forgot that there are about 18 billion different types of zeds out there.

    Well despite the miscommunications about the types of zombies, lets be clear now: We are talking a generic Zombie apocalypse where there are hordes of some kind of zombie attacking your location. We aren't calling them fast, slow blah ...

    Updated Aug 26th, 2011 at 05:56 PM by nikvoodoo

    Survival Inc. , Survival Inc.
  3. Survival Inc. #1: New York City, NY & Rapid City, SD

    Nikvoodoo: Say Revolver….are you getting sick of that arrogant prick, The One With the Markings, claiming he will be able to get us no matter what our plan is?

    They Call Me Revolver: Ima start hucking bricks at that douche.

    Uh….the man dodges bullets and catches arrows for a living…chuckin' bricks at his noggin' probably wont' accomplish all that much. You have to admit…..TOWTM is kind of a pimp….and if we don't have a solid plan of attack he just might get his way.

    Updated Aug 11th, 2011 at 11:41 PM by nikvoodoo

    Survival Inc. , Survival Inc.