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  1. Survivor Kitchen "American style"

    by , May 6th, 2012 at 12:30 PM (Alive Anonymous "A place for help on the season breaks.")
    Space Balls I mean Spam Balls (with peanut butter sauce)

    This was an interesting challenge and forced my hand as a kitchen witch to work some intense magic with spices and heat to create something eatable out of one of the most notoriously icky food products in the history of the world… Spam, Yes I said it SPAM © What is SPAM you ask? Spam is a combination of two words spiced and ham (I question the spiced idea of that cause its bland as flour paste with a pork flavor that ...

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    Tags: food, kitchen
    Alive Anonymous , Survivor Kitchen
  2. Voodoo Lounge- Chapter 29

    So I realize I've been a flake when it comes to the Lounge and predictions this season. There's been a lot going on outside the world of the forum and it is taking it's toll on my attention span. Along these lines, I am not able to do a prediction post for Chapter 29. I'm not even going to attempt an unfinished symphony version. I just can't do it this time. I'm hoping to get back on track for chapter 30. ...
  3. Reaper's Corner is Alive

    [COLOR=#add8e6]no, this isn't a review for WA. it is, instead, a review for a similarly named game: I Am Alive. i heard about this game some time ago as a concept, but i haven't heard anything else about it. i didn't even know it had been released. but i was surfing the playstation store and i saw a banner for this and thought, "hey, i remember reading about that." so i picked it up (well it's dl only so, you know what i mean) and checked it out, and i must say, the apocalypse has never ...
  4. Combat Fatigue posted by Reaper answered by me.

    by , Apr 7th, 2012 at 07:31 AM (Alive Anonymous "A place for help on the season breaks.")
    Quote Originally Posted by reaper239 View Post
    ret lt col dave grossman wrote the book on combat and there he deals with the problems that face soldiers in extended stays in a combat zone. well, all of america is a combat zone, so this begs the question: how do you stay fighting fit and mentaly stable (cou-skittles-gh) when everyday you face the threat of death and are in a perpetual state of preparedness to enter mortal combat to defend yourself. i just started reading the book, but he talks about a 60 day period (i think, i'll look back at

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    Alive Anonymous
  5. Reaper's Corner of Racoon City

    [COLOR=#add8e6]that's right big pimpin's, it is that time again so gather round kiddies as i spin a yarn about racoon city. Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City is the latest installment in the resident evil franchise but instead of an inhouse dev team at capcom, they farmed it out to slant six of SOCOM fame. slant six developed two socom games for the psp (tactical strike, and fireteam bravo 3) and the online only socom confrontation. some people were very worried that the tactical action focused ...
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