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    Tried to "turn" my daughter and her friend as I drove them to school this morning. Captive audience and all that.. Alas, it was not to be. Damn head phones! Drat! Foiled again!
    That's ok though, I have sired a mini pimp and I'm awaiting the results of his game!
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    Pimping ain't easy but it's kinda fun! Got yet another one at church. I'm going to hell, but I'm going to make sure a LOT of earthly folk know about this Podcast. LOL!
    Young kid from my last entry hit me up as soon as he saw me on the grounds. He had a buddy who needed turning.. So, he turns to the Supa WA Pimp. Well, i'm happy to say that another body has been infected.
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    Well I guess I am the only WA Pimp here. Soooo, the next installment on my Pimp Journal Soliloquy goes like this:
    15/16 year old kid at church is a big MMA fan. So am I, so we spend a lot of time talking about all the new haps in the MMA world. I decide to try and offer him a tast of the wares- so to speak. See, I'm head of security for our campus and I spend more time outside than I do inside during service. I grab kid and head over to a bench in the courtyard and fire up the old BB...scroll, push putton, ah ha! Kalani/Angel episode coming right up Sir!
    He's not exactly hooked, but his interest is peeked.. a little. I say a little because he goes back to talking about MMA. I'm not a pushy pimp..hahah, em, excuse me for that.
    As I was saying, I'm not pushy so I let it go. The next week he ask me for the URL because he got a new BB and wanted to take a listen. Two minutes later he brings over his older brother. I'm making headway here!
    Flash forward to the 16th and I get a text message. Here's the conversation
    "Man, bro...these podcast are amazing!" * insert smiley thingy*
    "LOL. I TOLD u!" I reply
    "oh and join the forum" *pimping the whole WA stable*
    He then replies "LOL, i'm going to. I have all 60 podcasts on my Ipod. I'm listening to the second one now" *insert another smiley facey thingy*
    I go "Sweet!"

    Mission accomplished! *but not in the George Bush way*
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    Surely I can't be the only WA Pimp out there?
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    Pimping Ain't Easy. Journal entry 4.
    pimped WA to the editor/web master/creator? of a site called 28dayslateranalysis "The Voice of Horror."

    I initially got the brush off because he thought I was trying to advertise the show. I slowed him down a bit and told him I was just a fan and that he and his readers should give it a peep. He's now on chapter 6 and asked if I would like to do a review on his site.
    Hmm.. I'm clearly biased, so the review would be super sugary..
    Thinking.. thinking...
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    Wednesday.. no Pimping done today, but I'm desperately trying to figure out how to get Seth Green turned on to this, just so I can see a parody on Robot Chicken. LOL
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    Well Mr. Monday is here and just when I thought I had a sip of Pimp Juice left.. bam! I realized I had a friend who does Blogs on Kung Fu/Asian Action flicks. Doooh!
    I shoot him the URL for the podcast and the FB page so he have a menage a trois. Since it's my, unofficial duty to be the best WA Pimp I can be and turn everyone I know into addicts.
    Crap! Pimps don't turn folk into addicts.. That's a Pusher, and my name ain't Superfly!
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    WA Pimp Journal. Day II

    Pulled something at the gym yesterday. I'm not at the bengay age yet, but Bio Freeze sure works well..
    I logged on to FB and decided I'd do a friend search and see how many fish I could get to bite. As I went about my friends search and adding the ones I thought would be interested and others I hoped would be, I kept thinking "I really can't be the only Zombie freak/geek/nerd out of all these damn people I know!"
    I must have voiced it aloud because my wife gave me a soft pity pat on to the top of my head. When I say "Pity pat" I'm not talking the game little girls play during recess. I'm talking pity as in "ohhh poor poor baby" pity.. UGH!
    My superpower is my strong belief that "No man is a geeky island" I shall find others! This I swear dammit!
    Depression crept up on me like a silent shuffler emerging from a dark ally during a night scavenge. I refuse to let it get me though. I'm like a chocolate Skittles.. ( I know you're saying.. they don't make those. After I smack you, I'll remind you that Skittles is a character on the show)
    Moving right along; my trusty BB alerts me to a Face Book message. I hurry over and cradle it in my arms and talk to it like a new born, then read the message. Message.. as in ONE. *Grrrrrr*
    Lazar (sounds like La'Czar), my old roomate from my first duty station in San VIto, Italy.
    He's taken the bait, but wait! He says his BB can't connect for some reason.
    *shaking my fist at the heavens* "Damn you BB gods! You plot against me!"