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  1. This f*ckin' Stuff!!

    Iíve never been one to get all mushy. But as I sit here sipping on my sangria, I canít help but wonder ifís made with fermented Ďmember berries. Or maybe Iím just a little drunk and all nostalgic. Whatever! Who caresÖ At the end of the day, itís awesome to see how far this podcast has come. 50 million downloads!! Comic-Con!! Part of the Nerdist Podcast Galaxy!! > 13K forum members!! Damn Mainframe. Itís great to see such an amazing production getting the recognition it deserves.

  2. APPetizers!

    So, I'm sitting on my ass (as per usual), playing on my iPhone thinking:
    This game is bad ass, I need to find a way to tell people about it!
    I have found my way. I will be making a periodic blog reviewing some iPhone apps I have come across. And sorry guys, I only have an iPhone, no droid, blackberry, windows phone...etc

    APPisode 1: Extraction? It nearly killed him!

    In honor of the Wayland Rehab Clinic re-opening on January 2nd, the game I have decided ...
  3. Water, Water every where...

    and I'm thirsty!!
    Water is the essence of all life. A human can go upwards of 2 weeks with out food, but only a couple days without water.

    "But Revolver, we live right by the ocean, why not just grab a cup?? "

    Any elementary student can tell you that salt water will kill you, but the question is why?

    All that extra salt in seawater means that, if drank, it causes the person to suffer the effects of dehydration much faster. Salt naturally ...

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  4. With a little help from Revolver...

    We all have our Zday preparedness list ready to go. Nicely laminated and tucked in our wallet just in case.
    • Where to go?
    • How to get there?
    • Who to bring with?
    • What are you going to do once you get there??

    Go for supplies, right? Sure, but you didn't honestly think you are the only survivor to think of that, did you? This is where I step in. In my bi-weekly blog, I will show you tips and tricks you may have never even considered.

    When it's us against ...

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  5. Being Sick is the SUCK!!!!

    So I'm on day three of having to sit at home and watch movies on demand. I will share the lovely tale of how I came to this boring state.

    On Tuesday, for my 1 o'clock appointment. I had a very routine internet install. Nothing major, all the lines were there, the house was already hooked up so the effort I had to put in would be minimal. This young woman had 2 children, both boys. I thought to myself, "shouldn't the oldest be in school?". "Oh well." I thought, "maybe he isn't ...

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