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  1. Almost there

    My last update was a little over a week ago, and not much has changed.
    However, I've progressed a lot with the things I have to do (final deadline I still have to work for: next Friday) so slowly but Shirley I'm able to dedicate more time to fun stuff again.
  2. Inactivity

    Just a quick update after some questions being asked regarding my absence:

    Currently, I have a really busy time at school. I've got a plethora of deadlines, exams, and more that I need my time for. As you may understand, helping around here for We're Alive is a hobby, so my education comes first.

    I assumed that I'd be back actively today, but unfortunately I was wrong.

    Instead of giving another estimate that may turn out incorrect, you'll just have to ...
  3. I've never been so unproductive...

    ... regarding the things that really matter: My education and work.

    This blog will be a rant about my General Awesomeness (*salutes*), my lack of discipline and whatever my mind drifts off to in the coming few minutes. Enjoy.

    This week, I had holidays from school. Still, there was a lot of work to be done: There are a few deadlines coming up next week, and I've got ...