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Wicked Sid

  1. Year 3!

    Hello, once again Ladies and Gentlemen.

    Here we have arrived, another full revolution around this great fusion reactor of a life-giver we call Sol. January 21st, the day when Kc threw down the chains of oppression called Ye olde forum of Olde and evolved to the vBulletin ways.

    Yearly news:

    Some people who were once engaged are now married! The forum has been upgraded, again, and the staff roster has been added to.

    However, there is always ...
  2. Year 2.

    Well, here we are once again, Ladies and Gentlemen.

    The second anniversary of the Great Forum Switch of 2011, when Kc trudged his way through the muddy, deep and depressing forums of old to choose vBulletin as an upgrade.

    In this year, plenty of great events have taken place. Live-streams, a live-read through, and another excellent season of We're Alive: a Zombie Story of Survival, also certain people got engaged.

    But, unfortunately there has also ...

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  3. One Year!

    Yesterday marked one year to the day when Kc Wayland said to himself,

    "To hell with this crap!" As he pointed horrifically at the lame lines and dull colours of the late forum.

    And today is the one year anniversary of the great forum switch of 2011. It is one we all would like to never forget. So much has changed since that fateful day, some I can attribute to the wondrous mods, admins, and coders you can see day to day.

    And the Rest? Well, that was done by ...

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  4. I've missed so much.

    I feel like I've been lagging in my duties a bit. I have no idea how Revolver's Birthday got past me, oh and Happy Belated Birthday!, same with Jane's, again Happy Birthday! The chat box is up and an achievement system has been initiated.

    Enough of the recap, I going to trust you guys with what I did so far. This is nothing major but it is a personal achievement.

    I, John Williams (The Super Mod not the Super Composer), have watched all three Lord Of The Rings Movies ...
  5. Burned my Mouth with Awesome.

    Since this is my personal blog, I shall blog.

    I had an awesome day, when to two different Buffets with two different types of Asian cuisine. The first was the "Taal," a restaurant with Indian cuisine. It was crazy good, butter chicken with Garlic Naan, some chili chicken and rice, and a little Tandoori chicken. But, the best thing I had was... A GREEN CHILI, I can't believe how much spice that little thing packed. Me and my two friends ate one whole and raw, one of us kind of freaked ...