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The Voodoo Lounge

Welcome to the Voodoo Lounge! Together, you and I will predict the future! This blog is all about predicting what will happen before it happens on We're Alive. Send your predictions to and the Monday before a new chapter is released, the predictions will run wild!

If you like the blog, and want to discuss it among friends (or foes) join up with the group! We'll keep running tally's of how our predictions are doing.

  1. Voodoo Lounge Chapter 31 Prediction Blog (CONTAINS SPOILERS!)

    Unlike half the population, I happened to enjoy last chapter. I don't even care that I got about...what? 75% of my predictions wrong last chapter? Don't care! Brontosaurus burger with a side of whale slaw as one member of the cast/forum said!

    Sign me up for another 75% incorrect if the story keeps moving forward like this! Brown nose you say?

  2. Voodoo Lounge Chapter 30 Prediction Blog

    Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls and children of all ages.....Welcome back to the Voodoo Lounge!

    There's been a lot going on in here! I've had to fire and retrain new bartenders. The cook staff was abandoned on an island with sharp rocks and sticks and told the survivor would be the new lead chef. We are now ready to serve YOU!

    What an episode we got last week, right??!! My ...
  3. Voodoo Lounge- Chapter 29

    So I realize I've been a flake when it comes to the Lounge and predictions this season. There's been a lot going on outside the world of the forum and it is taking it's toll on my attention span. Along these lines, I am not able to do a prediction post for Chapter 29. I'm not even going to attempt an unfinished symphony version. I just can't do it this time. I'm hoping to get back on track for chapter 30. ...
  4. Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 28 Predictions (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    You'll be happy to know that The Voodoo Lounge aced it's health inspection last month. At this time, we are back and better than ever! And just in time, too!

    What an awesome chapter!! So many great things to chew on, and there's more great we're alive action to be had! So let's sharpen our focus and set our well trained prognosticating eyes to chapter 28!

    Chapter 28's title is....
  5. Voodoo Lounge: Chapter 27 Predictions Unfinished Symphony Edition (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

    OWNER AND PROPRIETOR NOTE: I posted the closed for health reasons because I don't have a post that I'd really like to share with the populace. I wasn't able to really complete this chapter's blog post and I was always the student that refused to take partial credit for partial work. It's either completely done and I get full credit, or it's partially done and I sit on it and don't turn in anything and take the zero.

    I got stuck at the point I was trolling around the forum looking ...

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