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Sep 10th, 2013, 07:46 PM

Cam watched as the smoke curled its way out of his mouth and floated up into the air. The smell was sort of skunky He thought and certainly not the dank He was used to. It did the job though, so He wasn't complaining. He was however, really hungry. "Shhhiiiitttt...." He moaned to himself as He realized if He wanted to eat He would have to get up and get the food himself. The walk was a long one, He had to go all the way down the hall and into the kitchen. That was like , 20 feet. He shuffled his way to the kitchen and was about to raid the pantry for some cookies when his phone rang. He usually just ignored it, but for some reason this time he answered.

"Hello?" He said in a soft and almost confused tone.

"Cam?? Is that you??" The frantic voice on the other line was clearly his Girlfriend Sarah's. Cam didn't say anything for a minute, Her tone was very sobering to him.

"Ummm Sarah? What's wrong?"

"Cameron you need to stay inside at all costs!! Something is happening outside! I'm trapped here at Michael's!"

Cam thought for a moment, a long moment. "Michael's was the restaurant where she worked at...or was it?" His stoned mind began to churn, almost painfully. Normally He could think and function fine, even if He was blitzed out of his mind. This was different though, was it this dirty poop weed that was messing with his head? The sounds of Sarah's frightened voice brought him back down to earth. He shook his head and focused. "Ok, Babe. I'll stay inside.." Is all he could muster out but the other line was silent. He looked at the phone, for what seemed like hours and then everything went black.

The next morning Cam awoke to pounding at his door, He moaned and groaned having slept on the kitchen floor. As He pulled himself up, all He could think about was how pissed He was at Kyle for selling him such crappy weed. Weed that was obviously laced with something. He knew that somewhere down the weed train some dip shit wanted to make the high better and added something to it. The pounding at the door continued. "Hold your god damn horses!" He shouted, but with the sound of his voice the pounding became even louder with a muffled male voice now shouting on the other side. Cam was still shaking off the funk when He opened the door but before He could get it all the way open Kyle bull rushed into His house. "What the fuck dude!" Cam shouted as He pushed Kyle to the ground. "First you sell me some shit weed and then you almost knock my door off the hinges?!" Kyle stood up, He was pale and the look on his face was pure fright.

"Dude..." Cameron shook Kyle "What the fuck man??"

At that moment, Cam suddenly remembered Sarah's phone call last night. His chest dropped into his stomach as Her words flooded back into his memory. He looked Kyle in the eyes. "Kyle, what the fuck is happening outside..?'

"Zombies...dude.." He was clearly out of breath and had a wild look in his eyes.

"Zombies.. You mean walk slow, eat brains zombies?" Cam had to hold back from laughing.

"No dude...run fast, super strong, eat brains zombies.." Kyle's look was one of someone who is dead serious, and that really freaked Cam out.

Cam had to think, he had to clear his jumbled mind and focus. Zombies? Fast, strong, eat my brains zombies? Couldn't be real, but then again the phone call from his girlfriend last night was real. Or was it a dream? Sarah.. "Kyle. We need to go to Michael's, That's where Sarah is." The look on Kyle's face sent even more dread into Cam's mind.

"It's gone dude. I ran by there on my way here, it's a pile of ashes."

Cam already figured that's what he would say. Kyle lived a block away from Michael's.


Cameron flew into a rage, He rushed into spare room of his apartment and straight to the closet. He opened the door revealing a large number of swords He had collected over the years. He gathered them up and ran back to the front door, where Kyle still stood frozen with fear. He gave him a swift slap to the face and handed him a worn old war ax Cam used to practice with. Kyle stood still dazed from the slap and then suddenly snapped back to realty.

"Dude I don't know how to use this shit! That's your thing not mine! Don't you have a gun or something?"

Cam turned to him and smiled "Guns run out of bullets, swords don't. Also, that's an Ax dip shit, we are going to get Sarah." He then rushed through the front door.

The light from the sun was almost blinding, but as He eyes became used to the light he noticed one very strange thing. It was silent, and the streets were empty. No birds, no cars no planes, not even the damn echoes from gun shots. Nothing.

"Well, this is kind of creepy.." Cam said with an whisper.

"Duh dude, zombies." Kyle returned matter a fact.

The two ran down the street, Cam was surprised Kyle was following him, though Kyle was his oldest and closest friend. Even though he pretty much just told him his girlfriend was zombie food, he had the guts to follow his best friend. Cam really respected that. Sarah. Was she still alive? He had to know, she was the only thing that mattered to him anymore and she was tough and Cam knew it. She had to have escaped, but where would she go? "Her dorm!" Cam thought to himself as he made a V line straight towards Central University.

"Where the hell are we going?" Kyle asked as he struggled to catch his breath.

"To CU, that's where Sarah would be and that's where we are going." Cam slowed slightly to let Kyle catch up.

Kyle was silent for a moment and then asked "Can we swing by my house? I got some good weed and a .45?"

Cam smiled "The .45 is worth the stop, and maybe the weed too." Even though Cam was smart enough to realize getting stoned in this kind of situation was really dumb he figured "What the hell?"

"Just as long as it's the good stuff and not that crappy poop weed you had me smoking last night. I'm still pissed about that."

"Oh I gots the good stuff bro." Kyle chuckled

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Besides an eerie silence and random scattered body parts, the trip to Kyle's was uneventful. They hoped the fence and slowly made their way to the back door of...