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Feb 13th, 2013, 03:43 PM
grotesque ghoulish embrace. Harry left fast as he could, making it outside just in time to see one of the bodies that Mr. Thompson that was about to be butchered, being taken off the butchering rig. It was that of man may be in his early 20s. Harry turned the other way and made his way down towards the dock, then halting when he had seen the body young woman being pulled out of the boat. Her; arm hitting the dock with a thud. This is when Harry fell down to his knees and wretched up; yesterdays lunch and dinner. Harry tried inhale of breath through the process of heaving then remembering that nose plugs, he pulled them out in disgust. Moment later, his friend Sims was crouched by his side; he could feel his hand on his back. “Are you going to be ok?” Sims asked as he handed Harry a towel to clean up. Harry sat down next to the bile, wiping off his mouth, Sims reached in a pouched and retrieved a bottle of water. "Something; to rinse your mouth.” Harry was grateful for the kindness, knowing that Sims wouldn’t use his weak stomach against him later. He just wasn’t built that way.

Harry rinsed out his mouth, then took a deep draw of the cold water. It tasted so good, since he gave up smoking a year ago. His job has been really hard on him. Harry stood up and took a deep breath. He filled his lungs with the fresh air of the woods. “Here you go; you didn’t throw up in crime scene.” Sims said as he handed his friend Harry a Tootsie lollipop. “It’s a chocolate one; I know how you like that kind.” Harry did love that kind, the chocolate carved his craving for a smoke, and settled his stomach. “thanks.” Harry replied as he was unwrapped it and stuck it in his now clean mouth. “is there anything else I should see?” Harry asked. “Well, there is a smoke house that I found among the woods.” Sims replied. “We’ll let’s get this over with then.” Harry said as he took another deep breath in. Harry felt a hand upon his shoulder. “It’s not going anywhere; we can take a few moments until you’re feeling better.” Sims said, “Yea, your right.” Harry said sheepishly “We have time. Let the forensic team do their job.” Sims said.

The two men stood there for the longest time watching the sun move across the sky enjoying a summer's day.

Jun 9th, 2021, 03:27 AM
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