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Feb 13th, 2013, 03:39 PM
Each had a handwritten date on it. On; the opposite side; the shelving contained the bones of Mr. Thompson’s victims. There were skulls of Men, women and even children. All have been stripped of all flesh; then polished clean. “I think I am going to be sick.” Harry said. “Do you want to know something?”Sims asked. Harry looked at Sims; now slightly paler look on his face. “This isn’t where the smell was coming from. Everything here is sealed tight.” Sims said. Harry looked at Sims with a puzzlement on his face. “Come on I’ll show you.” Sims said as he led his friend from the panty grave. As soon as they made it to the cabin floor, the activity that had stopped began again.

Sims pointed towards room that was full of activity not unlike the one in the pantry. The flashes of cameras made eerier shadows that leaped from the room that lived and died in an instant. When; he saw the shadows; Harry’s legs began to go a little week. They enter the bedroom of Mr. Thompson; the activity stopped there too. A forensic team was going over everything in Mr. Thompson’s bedroom. They were wearing rubber gloves, particle mask, goggles and in full body hazmat suits. “Try not to touch anything in here, there’s a green and black mold.” Sims said, as he handed Harry a particle mask. Then; putting one on himself. “This is where the smell is coming from.” Sims said before Harry could ask. The temperature in the bedroom seemed to be on the warm side. It started to make Harry sweat.

Things didn’t seem right at first for Harry, then everything came into focus. Through a muffle, voice told Harry at what he was seeing. “As you can see the curtains are made from human skin as well as the lamp shades. The two pieces art work stretched over a frame are of that of a young couple that had elaborate tattoos that matched up when they are; or should I say were together.”Sims said. “I guess that Mr. Thompson really appreciated art.” Harry said while trying to choke down the bile taste in his mouth. The heat from the room was, really started to get to Harry. A ribbon of cold sweat ran down the middle of his back. Then Sims escorted Harry to the bed of Mr. Thompson and showed him final part of the tour. There on the bed was a blanket; however, it wasn’t any ordinary blanket. Harry moved closer to it. “It’s his parents.” Sims said. “Are you sure? That it’s his parents?” Harry asked. “Yea, by the photos and records that I have. They are.” Sims said and continued. “ he had killed them both and skinned them and tanned the skins, then he sewed them to the blanket.” The skins of Mr. Thompson parents were sown together. From everywhere part of the body that delicate stitching was done. From the forehead down to the nose; then the lips. The lips were sown together giving the appearance of the now skinned couple kissing; the corners of both mouths were given an upward turn making the kiss turn to a smile. The arms were overlapped as if it was in some