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Feb 13th, 2013, 03:37 PM
teeth done like that are true.” Mr. Thompson upper and lower incisors were chiseled and filed to points. “What dentist would do something like that?” Harry asked. “It wasn’t a dentist who did that to him. He did it himself.” Sims said. "I bet that hurt like a son of a bitch." Harry replied. I have read about an African tribe use to do that. Some sort rite of passage, if I remember correctly.” Sims said. “Have you eaten yet?”Sims asked. "No; Why?" Harry asked. “What you are about to experience, is best done on an empty stomach.” Sims said; as he motioned Harry to the cabin of Mr. Thompson.

Harry started to follow Sims when he was hit with an odor that stopped him in his tracks. “What the fuck is that smell?” Harry asked as he pulls a handkerchief to cover his nose and mouth. “You’re lucky I had this placed airing out for about an hour before you, and your team came." Sims said. Sims reaches into a concealed pouch on his leg; retrieving a small clear bag containing two cylinder shape items. Then; tossing them over to Harry saying. “They are self-expanding earplugs, put them up in your nostrils to block the smell." Sims said. Harry did as he was told. It felt uncomfortable; having something up in his nose to blocking the smell. However, he rather had that, then the reinforcing smell of what he was about see. “Now if you’re a good boy; you don’t throw up. Then I'll take you out and get you a lollipop.” Sims said to Harry knowing that his friend never had the stomach for what he was about to see.

Sims led Harry into the cabin, now filled with a forensic team going over every inch of the cabin. Harry began to look into the cabin, it looked like any other cabin he has ever seen. Then Sims pointed over towards a propped open, hidden door in the floor. The opening had lights around it shinning down into the hole. There were voices coming out of the hole and then flashes popping. Sims and Harry made it to the hole, and started to go down the stairs. “prepare yourself; this is his pantry.” Sims said to Harry. All activity stopped when the two men reached the bottom step. The panty went down about 6 feet underground. The floor and ceiling were wooden planks. The ceiling had reinforcement beams every 2 feet. Shelves units were built in the structure. They were filled with canned goods of all sorts of fruits and vegetables. “That's nothing, really special about this. When I was a kid; my grandmother had something like this.” Harry said. "I doubt that she had something like this.” Sims said as they reached the end of the pantry. The panty was shaped like the number 7 and then turned left. This aisle was identical to the first pantry. Instead of; canned fruits and vegetables. This aisle had glass jars full of parts, human body parts: eyes, brains, kidneys and livers and muscle.