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Feb 13th, 2013, 03:35 PM
beatings and lessons from his father, then the death with his father; him leaving the city for reasons of his own. Why wasn’t there any truly happy memories he thought as his world started to turn dark. He hit the floor with a thud, the endmost thing that Mr. Thompson would ever see beyond this world is the silhouette of the dark being crouched down next to him. His last thoughts that he was going to be food for this creature. The light that we are born with, the one we try to nurture and make it grow. One of the human being calls Mr. Thompson finally went out.


Mr. Thompson’s area was swarming with activities, beings in orange and yellow bulky full body suits. Others are in uniforms, going about their business. “So how are you doing officer Sims?” A man walking up; wearing a trenched coated man asked. “I'm asking you to again never call me that.” In rather agitated tone; the inky dark being replied. The man in the trench coat gave a slight smile and then a chuckle, while slapping his friend and fellow officer on the back. After that he replied “It’s a lot easier to call you officer Sims than the whole mouthful of Synthetic Integrated Mechanical System.”

"Yea, I guess so." The dark figure said as he raised his hands up to his helmet and depressed the release buttons on either side. "Nope; your still just as ugly as ever." The trench coated man said. “Ha, ha asshole. Very; funny. You’re no prize-winning pig either.” Sims said jokingly. “All joking aside; How did the suit perform?” asked trench coated man. “Well Harry, it performed very well. The only problem I have with it. It is when I have to take a piss or crap. There got to be an easy way of shedding of the skin.” Sims replied. “Now, what about your assignment? Was he the one we were looking for?” Harry asked. Sims brings his left arm up and with one long claw pressed a button on his gauntleted forearm. Releasing a small square data disk, then handing it over to Harry. The disk is about half the size of business card, and about 1/8 of an inch thick. “it’s all there; up to about five seconds ago.” Sims said.

“It's him alright.” Sims replied while motioning to Harry to follow him. “At first I wasn’t sure if it was him.” Sims said while standing next to the now encased body of Mr. Thompson, then unzipping the body bag exposing the face of Mr. Thompson. “It wasn’t until I saw this that I knew it was him.” Sims said, as he opened the mouth of Mr. Thompson. “Yea, that’s him alright.” Harry said with a slight exhale of breath, then continued. “The reports of him having his