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Feb 13th, 2013, 03:28 PM
care in every stitch. It brought him comfort in distressful times. He pulled up the blanket to his chin and drifted off to a dream world, and to forget the nightmare that had awaken him.

The inky dark being reached its cave and crawled in, it was really tired. Switching from nighttime to daytime always took some doing. It needed to sleep, so it would be ready for Mr. Thompson in the morning. Part of its mind raced with the anticipation; it was hard to fall asleep. The body was tired, but the mind wasnít. After some time, the body won out, and it fell asleep. The morning came, and Mr. Thompson feeling refreshed the night sleep and had forgotten the nightmare. Walking outside with his coffee and inhaled the morning air filling his lungs with the crisp clean air of the mountains and nature. He peered over the lake and saw a wisp of smoke rising, in the distance. He didnít think was forest fire, but he should check it out just in case it was. He didnít want the forest to burn down. It was so good to him by providing him with the food he needed to live. While he was over there he will get some minor provisions that forest canít provide. He'd better take his bow and arrows too, just in case he comes across some other food, he thought.

After his morning breakfast, Mr. Thompson headed for his boat with his bow and a quiver of arrows. He placed the items in the boat and got in, untying the mooring line and pushing off the dock with an oar and then headed off to the distant shore. He started to whistle a happy little tune as he rowed, it matched his rowing. It was a tune that his father taught him. Even though his dad was an asshole while he was growing up. He did teach him a lot; I guess he wasnít too much of an asshole. Mr. Thompson thought. In some way, he had felt comfort in the thought his dad was only trying to be a good father in teaching him about things.

It was a few hours after Mr. Thompson had left for the day, when the dark being an internal clock woke it up with a jerk. It overslept; it wanted to take Mr. Thompson at first light when he wasnít fully awake. That way, it would have the element of surprise on its side. It started to panic. It had to calm down and just readjust its plans. It will have its morning meal and then head out to Mr. Thompsonís cabin. As it ate, it was planning what it needed to do, how it will be done. It was a planner, in everything it had done in its life it planned for. Now it has to plan to live and in case if it dies. It has to plan for that. It at no time feared death, its kind never did.

Everything dies; it knows this. Itís just on how everything dies that has the concern of the dark being. Soon its morning meal was done. It was so deep in thought that it hardly tasted the meal. This could be its last meal, and it should have enjoyed it. However, itís over and it had