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Feb 12th, 2013, 06:41 PM
very strong. Too many people in the city got fat. They have forgotten how to be real men and women. They all became slugs, that pushed paper, or keys on keyboards. He put the fishing pole and tackle box in the boat. He looked around once more from the dock. He didnít feel that prickle on the back of his neck. It must have been a bear or a deer he thought. He got into the boat, then placing life preserver vest on, untied the mooring line. Place the oars in the holes and started it roll out to his favorite fishing spot.

The dark being wakes up from its slumber, its eyes are starting to glow with the restful sleep that it needed. It checks the air for anything that might have been around its cave, then it looks around making sure that there is nothing hiding anywhere. Its vision isnít like anything else on this world. It can see the body heat in all the colors, so sneaking up and hiding in some undergrowth is impossible. It decides it needs to do more exploring, and maybe he can have a better look at the cabin of Mr. Thompson. Its skin was darker than midnight. It had to move with caution and stealth. It took just a few minutes to come back to the cabin. Its red ruby eyes looked around for any body heat. It only saw the fading heat signatures of foot falls that led to the dock and where the now missing boat was. The lonely docks were stained with arcs of discolored. It had to look inside of the cabin. It moved back towards the well-built door. It dares not to enter the residence of Mr. Thompson without checking it out from one of the windows. It moved toward the one of two windows. The window was ajar, just enough to let fresh air in but nothing else, except for some bugs. It pulled out one of its extra eyes. The procedure didnít hurt it. As the darken being proceeded to snake the eye into the open window, it would not fall lip after it went so far. It had muscles on its optical nerve. Which meant it could control the now independent eye. It could make it look up and down, left and right. Hell, it could even make it spin it around in circles if it wanted to. However, that movement made it sick as all the information was directly relayed back. There it was the well-built door, and just as it thought it had been booby-trap. It dared not to go in. It will have to rely on the eye that is already in the room.

The eye moved all-round as much as it could relay information back to its master. The being was there for about an hour taken as much information as it could. Then it heard from its highly sensitive ears; oars hitting the water with splash and kurchunk and the sounds of whistling. It had no more time to gather more information. It began to retrieve the third eye. Its heart began to beat faster. It didnít want to be caught out in the open. Not that he wasnít a match for Mr. Thompson, he wanted to plan its next move before it happened. Soon the eye was back in its socket. Then the darken being extended its claws, on its hands and feet and