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Feb 12th, 2013, 06:30 PM
aka werewolf

Mr. Thomson, exited the cabin and moved towards the lake. He was barefooted, he always went barefoot. He liked the feel of the ground and grass on his feet. The sun was just starting to peak over the mountains and trees. The lake next to the cabin gave off a golden glow. He inhaled to fill his lungs of the crisp morning air. He had a cup of coffee in his right hand. He loves this area it was so peaceful and beautiful. That would almost bring a tear to his eye every time he has seen the morning. Ah, itís good to be alive he thought. He left the hustle and bustle of the city, the bosses who always think they had the right to tell him what to do. That thought was something bitter in his stomach that made it growl; on the other hand, he was just hungry. The tightness in the belly reminded him that he hadnít eaten yet. He looked down at the dock where his row boat was secured to. After breakfast, he will have to go fishing, rainbow trout sounds like a good meal for dinner tonight. He will catch as many as he wants to, he doesnít believe in limits.

His dad would always say that limits are for the weak people of the world. ďYouíre a Thomson and we donít believe in limits.Ē His dad would say. He was right, about the limits he thought. In his early years, he tried to toe the line. Do whatever the man says. When after the death of his father, he finally realized that he was right. That was pivoting day for him. He, furthermore, got his balls back and became the man he is today. He turned towards his cabin. It's well kept. He didnít need to rely on anybody. Ever since his mother left. His old man was a bastard all the time about keeping I tidy house. He hated his father when he was a kid. Always making him do all the laundry and housework. He not at any time had any really close friends. Hell, he hadn't any pets either.

However, he now sees the wisdom in what his old man was saying after that. He headed back to the cabin, and then he stopped for a moment. Something in the air made him feel uneasy for a moment. He slowly looked around then stopped peering through the trees. Trying to see if he could see somebody or something. He didnít see anything or anybody; however, he did have the feeling that he was being watched. It must be a deer or bear, in the woods he thought. After breakfast, he will have to start canning the food for the oncoming winter. He had foraged or hunted all summer so that he could stay in the cabin most of the time during the winter months. He had done this every year since he came out here to live. Well, not at first he

Mar 30th, 2021, 02:13 AM
Walking on barefoot is such a pleasure.I love it a lot.Read that it is healthy.Feels like you are being massaged down there.

Apr 19th, 2021, 12:51 AM
You have a nice writing style!

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I love the writing style man! keep it up!