View Full Version : The never ending zombie story...

May 7th, 2012, 08:00 PM
I don't think I have seen one of these so I figured I would try it. Just give a response to the situation given by the last person, then creat a new one.

Please try to give good extensions... As opposed to one liners... Any way I'll start.

I woke up to what seemed like a normal day. I sat up in bed and stretched, looking at the clock. I got up and started my normal routine, got a cup of coffee and watched the news for a minute. As the old ten inch screen flickered on I saw it, the nasty footage of people eating others. I knew exactly what was happening but came up with a plan. I jumped up and ran silently into the garage, grabbed my old metal bat, and ran back in to the living room. I closed all the blinds and sat in the dark thinking of what I should do next. I remembered my friend down the street had a couple of guns, but I heard the terrible screams of people outside.

Should you: take time to reinforce all the doors and windows OR should you try to haul butt to your friends house?

*I guess I should mention that the zombies are just like the normal ones in were alive... No special ones as of yet.