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Nov 22nd, 2011, 12:53 PM
Chapter 3

Entry #10 Adventure Through Self

When my eyes closed I went to my own little world where everything made sense to me. All the math, situations, people, everything, just made sense. I went through everything from day one, which surprisingly I remembered like it just happened. Everything that day made sense and the day after and the day after. It started to get crazy when the power and cell reception didn't crash and kept working almost like people were still maintaining everything, which could happen if they survived and stayed there only going out to get supplies and avoiding flesh eaters. Next was how the people who mention the world to me were alive but the people who I cared less about that I came in contact with were dead of died after day death. Third was that I kept finding people along the way some important and some expendable to keep the important people alive. Fourth how did my mom know I was going to make it this far and why save me some information about the company, I didn't care I just wanted the be reunited and find a way to wipe out all the flesh eaters. Fifth what was with the flesh eater looking like it knew it wasn't suppose to exist, both of them, and that pleading look they had before killing them.

I ran over everything in my head over and over again. My dream world kicked in and that's when my figuring out got fun, in my opinion anyways. In my dream world I was able to control everything and look at everything like a map, nerdy to say but almost like Warcraft. I mapped out all of Edmonton, giving the different areas names:

North end nesters
The east end establishment
South end slummers
West end war heads
Downtown dwellers

For each quadrant I had my own statistical survival rate east being the lowest and west being the highest. My area was located in the north west so there was a bit of wanting to stay put but also wanting to fight which, if you read the earlier entries you would see is correct. I had a little bit of the downtown part as well with wanting to occupy as many building to spread out the people which meant supplies wouldn't run out so fast. My sister was more of a warhead, Emit and Jess were from the south so they had better street survival, mark was from the north, and Nicolas from the east so he was a surprise for me.

Next I estimated where the break out happened from the info that I over heard other people talking about and seemed to start all over the city at the same time. That made things harder to determine. I felt that I should leave that for later so I swept it to one side. Remember I was in my dream world so anything was possible, think of all my maps as though they were holographic simulations. I pulled up another map and color coded it according to infection density east being the least and west the least. I kept pulling up mental maps and labeling them or color coordinating them according to different stats like intel, how fast each quad would figure things out, and so on.

Everything was making sense except the break out pattern. So there were a few situations we had encountered along our journey along with how everything started. Everything was getting really confusing so I folded the maps up and the event list and put them in my pocket and exited the room I create for myself. The door opened up to a desert with the sun setting. All kinds of animals and plants grew there even some I had imagined when I was younger, which brought me back to the old me. The me that was artistic and never grew up, not until I went to university for law. I remembered my first year an how I met this one lady name Ami.

Now Ami and I became really good friends and I explained everything about a zombie out break and what should happen if one were to occur. I also explained the different type of zombies and how the plans of survival would change depending on the types. I knew she never really listened being in her final year and all and having the mind of facts over what ifs. Near the end of the year our conversations became less about what ifs and imaginations and distant lands that only existed in our heads and became more about cold hard facts and cases that she had worked on and that I might encounter. This year was the end of my fourth year and by now my imagination was like the desert that was laid out in front of me.

I started to walk and think about how I lost what use to be the more vital part of me. Duplicates of myself started popping up to join the conversation that I was now having, each dressed differently and had a different aura about them. One being a hard facts me another being a little ten year old me who actually floated due to an over imagination, just to name a couple. We talked about the resent events and try to figure out the mismatch puzzle pieces and every now and then the kid would ask me to play. Every other one of me kept telling him no before I could answer except the teenage version who just patted him on the back and kept him busy with little imaginations of his own.

With the scientist, business man, army grunt, thug, and other adult versions of me talking, I got frustrated and threw my hands down. They all disappeared except the teen and ten year old versions of me.

"Now do you wanna play?" the ten year old version asked. I looked at the teen version and he gave a smile.

I had no other choice but to agree and both cheered with great happiness. They instantly had giant robot beside them and floated up to sit on their shoulders while I stood there shocked.

"Come on, you use to love this game," the teen version called down, "remember back when you were eighteen and always kick our butts because you had that sweet battle hammer made of titanium and silver?"

"Uhh," I looked down utterly disappointed in myself. I then felt a shadow come over me and slowly turned to see my battle robot standing there with what looked like to be a smile.

"Welcome back general. Is it time to battle again?" it question in a deep robotic voice.

"Uhh," and with that I was floating up to the shoulder. I could feel a rush of energy flow through my body as I began to just let go and think about fun. The battle began and all three of us started to fight. Soon a city terrain popped up making it more interesting, but this was not like any old city terrain. It actually was my favorite one I made back in my first year of college which had tropical trees growing from the skyscrapers and quick sand pits that happened to be the city parks. Everything was starting to become fun and I felt great. We played many more games and went back to the robot wars one. I was about to launch an attack on ten year old Zakk when I was shaken awake.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Emit standing beside me, "Good dream?"

"How could you tell?" I questioned.

"Well for one your actually smiling for the fist time since I've seen you and second you were laughing out loud," he explained.

"Oh, hah well what is it, I would like to get back to it?" I asked kinda eager to get back to my dream.

"A survivor just came in. He's missing a limb, freshly cut off. I'm thinking he was bit and thought it would stop the infection from spreading. Came to get you to see what we should do," Emit informed.

I sighed and followed him to the man who had come in, now curled on the floor with a blanket over him to help with the shock. Above the cut off point was a belt snitched as tight as it could be the cut off the blood loss as well as a piece if cloth to cover it. I wasn't sure if I trusted him, I just had a bad feeling.

"Move him to the second floor and keep watch over him. You and you, I know you have the most medical training out all of us so you're gonna watch over him," I ordered and everyone started to move.

Half a week and the new survivors were starting to listen without question which gave me some ease. The man though, something didn't seem right cause he wasn't displaying all the symptoms of being in shock, but what do I know. Anyways I'm going back to sleep to finish that battle, till next time.