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Nov 22nd, 2011, 12:51 PM
Entry #8 Hidden Secrets

Sitting at my moms computer was weird. I felt like I should be helping set up but everyone said that they had it and that I should do what my mom asked. A file on her desktop that read family photos was very peculiar so I opened it and what I found was interesting. The only sub folder was a folder labeled Zakk, and then a bunch of pictures of my sister, brother (who I still don't know is a live or not), niece, step dad, grandpa and grandma, and then a lot of cousins aunts and uncles. I opened the sub folder labeled Zakk and saw pictures of me which didn't surprise me at all but the weird thing about them were the names. Usually computers organize photos alphabetically but these weren't. They almost had a meaning to their order so I focused more on the titles than the pictures. Blame all this "noticing the weird things" on suspense and horror movies cause I learned to look for those and usually knew the killer before the movie ended. Anyways back to what I was talking about.

I started to write down the names on a piece if lined paper, one right under the other. Some photos didn't have names at all so I would skip a line and continue one with this. There were only seventy nine photos and when I looked at the page I could see a sentenced spelled out for me,

"look in the file cabinet next to my desk in the folder labeled outgoing documents"

Again blame this on spy movies as well. I went to the cabinet and used the key to unlock the bottom drawer, the only one with a lock. I opened the drawer and took out the file and then started to read it's contents. Nothing out of the ordinary at first glance but then I looked at the high light parts and started to write the words down. I hated how cryptic my mother was but I guess it must have been important if she went to this length.
Page after page after page I finally got all the words and read what it spelled out,

"This company is a big research base for genetic modification. We were made to believe it to be an billing company and worked to help them engineer their messed up experiments. All the programs like excel and lean were ways to efficiently find out how to do things faster. These flesh eaters aren't a result of this but it's still big news. They might have something down in the basement and lower that might have something that can take care of them. Maybe a way to wipe them out completely in one go"

'Holy shit!' I thought. My mom and I were head leaders on the two projects she mentioned and these scientist were messed up. I had no clue what I was to do but I felt like she would tell me one way or another. Which was correct and I laughed aloud just a bit. A picture on her desk stuck out oddly. I had never seen it there before and was almost out of place among the other pictures it was a picture if her and I when we went to London and we were both pointing up at Big Ben. To others it didn't seem like anything, just a crazy lady who had forgotten how to make things looks esthetically pleasing but knowing my mom there was a meaning. I looked up and on the roof was a faint yellow highlighted arrow pointing at a desk at the far end of the room so I went to it. Another cryptic message was left and I was ready. It actually wasn't that hard just a "find the words" puzzle and now I understood why she got me to always do them when I was little. When all the word were crossed out it read "taped under chair". I looked and sure enough was a set of keys labeled basement.

I put them in my pocket and went back to the others to help finish setting up and then down to the lobby with some of the stronger men and boarded up the front and back doors. The only problem was there was there was roughly eight doors to board up but that was fine because we had something better than wood we had metal bars which made it easy for us to look out for survivors when on guard duty and also a lot less work. We finished up on the main floor and went up to eat what the girls were cooking. We ate and everyone seemed to be getting along like a big family which was nice to see.

"Alright, can I get you and you to go down and watch the lobby for tonight?" I questioned two of my co-workers and they nodded taking a gun each and heading down.*

"Umm what do we do if we see some survivors or things?" one questioned. A tall brunet lady in her early twenties. She seemed to be staring at me quite intensely and I could only guess what she was thinking about and that did not float my boat.

"Send one of you up in the elevator and let us know but don't come unless the survivor spots you or the flesh eaters spot you you got that?" I ordered. "Danielle and Emit can I please talk to you in private?"

Everyone nodded and were off to do their own things. I pulled Emit and Danielle aside and explained everything to them and let them know we were going to explore the basement in the morning after breakfast.