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Nov 22nd, 2011, 12:49 PM
Entry #7 Enter the Darkness

After this new discovery we went through all the bags that had clothing in it and got rid of the bright colored clothing, which seemed to be all the expensive clothing that money seemed to be wasted on now. We also took black paint and painted the trucks and van as best we could in a few minutes. Color still peaked through but way less than what use to be. We were relieved to have made that discovery before we left or things could have gone down hill. I should add Ema was the only one who had bright clothing seeing as baby clothing only came in one style, bright.

We loaded into the vehicles and started to drive rounding the crescent and onto the smaller vein leading to the artery. It was eerie how easy it was to drive downtown. It only took us thirty minutes when a usual commute would be an hour. I lead the way for two reasons; one I was the one saving their butts and two none of them ever ventured downtown unless to visit me and even then they got lost. The more we drove downtown the weirder it got. We saw flesh eaters strung from light posts still which raised a lot of questions we would all get to at the building. We saw blood splattered walls and the street as well. A lot of mangled bodies that could have been either human animal or flesh eater. My dog Romeo was barking up a storm when we came up to the building which could only mean one thing.

I stuck my hand out the window waiving my revolver and heard faint clicks of guns being checked and loaded. I saw a flesh eater under the tire of my van, pinned and clawing at the air in my direction. I decided to save a bullet and just got out and walked over. I felt sorry for thing but that soon left when it grabbed and got my pant leg. I leaped into the air and slammed down onto the things head hearing a loud pop and blood and brains go everywhere. Danielle had taken out a few more with a silencer she found in the old lady's house that lived right across from us. Who knew Miss. Farmer had a silencer, none of us that's for sure.

Once Romeo had quieted down we got all the bags to the elevator and packed them in. I road it to the eleventh floor made sure the hall was clear and packed them into the lunch room. I soon went down and we went floor by floor checking which was easy seeing as it was only a square that surrounded the stairwell. Every other door needed a card key to open it, which I had, so I new they would be clear. We heard a few movements in the carded areas but they were just other survivors who were holding up in the building. Once they found out we had supplies they were more than willing to help taking one of the guns we collected from the various houses. The thought of all our neighbors having these guns frightened me a bit but had to look past it now because none of them were around when we got them.

Every floor was checked and cleared so we went to the eleventh floor from the twentieth and set up. My mother and I worked on the eleventh floor so I knew it all to well. I left the group setting up and went to venture to my moms desk and found something interesting. A note signed to me.

'If your reading this than you made it to the first place I wanted you to go. On my computer are directions of what to do next and where to go. Unfortunately your step dad didn't make it with me, he was taken out while we road here.' I pulled my feet down reading this. 'I'm sure you figured out the bright color thing as I did when he was taken out. Anyways my user name and password or on the back. My computer has some information, research I was doing while working and boy you'll be surprised. Anyways have to run a few of the employees and I are heading out and will be waiting for you at our new location.

Love Mom'

After reading that a tear started to roll down my cheek and went straight to Danielle, "You won't believe this! Mom was her, she was here and left me this and is still alive and waiting for us!"

"What!?" she exclaimed and snatched the note from me quickly reading it.

Everyone gathered round to see what the commotion was about. "What's your mothers name?" one of the employees asked me.

"Her name is Louise Winston, why?" I replied.

"She gave me this to give to you as well," the employee said handing over *a set of keys that looked like they belong to a filing cabinet with a yellow rabbits foot on it. Her favorite color was yellow so I knew the employee was telling the truth.

Everything seemed to be working out all to well. Something had to be wrong, and I wish I ate that thought because everything was about to unfold.