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Oct 18th, 2011, 04:34 PM
Entry #6 Time to Move

Finally after a week and a half of getting organized and all supplied up we were ready to head downtown. It took longer than I hoped but in a way I'm kinda glad it dis because we were able to make sure we had everything we needed even to how many bottles of aspirin we would need. Nothing was left to chance and that is what we realized now that we see how much we actually needed. We each had a vehicle to take, I drove the van with Jack beside me and everyone else drove big 4x4s. Everything was all worked out except one thing.

"Zakk, what did you tell those people at the school!?" Danielle yelled.*

"I told them that if they wanted to come downtown they could," I replied firmly standing my ground.

"We have enough supplies for us not them. We're even lucky that the power hasn't gone out yet. The only explanation for that is people are they maintaining the water and power... But we don't know that. Now you want a school full of people want to come downtown with us?" she yelled some more.

"No, I said they can come downtown never said with us just said that could come down," I explained. My phone buzzed and I checked it. It was Mrs. Chime letting me know that they will keep my offer in mind but are staying put for now, not wanting to chance an attack while they weren't armed and only had one bus which wasn't enough to get everyone downtown. "They aren't even coming so you need to worry about it." Another text came in.

Mrs. Chime: I sent two teens to your place to give you a sending off gift. Meet them at the Macs for the exchange.

"I ah, I have to go to the Macs quickly I'll be like twenty minutes if no problems come up but I'll text you if something does k?" I said looking at Emit and Danielle.

"I'm coming with you," Emit informed. He was serious with his shotgun in hand and already reaching for a shoulder bag with amo.

"Ok. Now there is no reason for you to worry, Emit will be there with me."

We left in our usual attire dressed in black just so we could blend in with the shadows if any hostile survivors were to chase us. We slowly and carefully marched down the road making sure we weren't being followed and making sure we had an exit route if flesh eaters started to follow.

We got to the Macs with no run ins which made me nervous. And waited about five minutes until we seen the two teens running our way. They busted through the door and were saying something about runners chasing them. These kids seemed to be out for the first time, being dressed in bright colors not aware of the other dangers besides the flesh eaters. They were most likely kandi kids or racers in other words for you who don't know.

"Runners... Chasing... Us," one said panting between each word. No layer did he finish his sentence that the flesh eaters got to the door and crashed through the glass. I took aim and so did Emit. In about twenty seconds the flesh eaters were down and we were safe, so we thought. The two kandi kids insisted on coming back to the house with us and we decided that would be beat as well. We exited the Macs and saw more flesh eaters, runners like the ones we just killed.

"RUN!" I screamed and all four of us took off. We went down the road and other runners seemed to pop out of no where.

"Split up?" Emit questioned.

"SPLIT UP! You follow me and you follow Emit meet at my place in ten try to lose them!" I hollered.

They did as commanded and we went off zig zagging back and forth through cars and backyards. I jumped one fence and kept running when I heard a scream of pain and terror and then nothing. It was to late I couldn't save him. I waited for the flesh eaters to jump the fence and come after me but none did. Five minutes passed when I decided to go back home, my weapon at the ready at all times and me at full alert just in case.

I got to the house and burst through the door to see Emit waiting there still gasping.

"Where's..." I started.

"Eaten. Yours?" He replied through gasps.

"Same. Did they chase you?" I questioned.

"No but I kept running just in case," he answered.

"Same here. But why?" I asked leaving it open for anyone to answer.

"What were they wearing?" Jess questioned.

"Raver gear, why?" I questioned confused as to what she was getting at.

"Colorful and bright right? And look what your wearing," she replied.

"What are you getting at?" questioned Danielle.

"Could it be that the zombies," she started. I cleared my throat as to make sure she knew she used the wrong word. "Flesh eats excuse me, maybe they are attracted to colors and brightness."

"Couldn't be brightness cause they would be storming the house none stop," Danielle said.

"Bright colors?" Jack said from around the corner. No one knew he was there and was started to hear his voice.

"Makes sense, I mean Zakk and I weren't followed and we were with them. We need to let everyone know," Emit said pulling out his phone. We all did the same sending out a mass text saying 'NO BRIGHT COLORS!!!' I also texted Mrs. Chime to let her know what happened.