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Sep 9th, 2011, 12:12 PM
Entry #1
August 23

I finally got some time to myself. My niece is finally asleep, frightened and puffy eyed from crying. I spent most of the day boarding up the windows and barricading the doors while trying to keep her calm so no flesh eaters wouldn't hear her. I call them flesh eaters cause the old stigma of zombies gets everyone thinking they are only after are brains and from what I saw today, that's not true. They didn't seem to intelligent from their mindless walking around in no given direction so I decided to also paint survivors on the main window board just in case others come looking or someone needs a place to stay.

I really should have started off this journal by introducing myself and my niece but I didn't so who ever is reading this and knows that I'm alive has the right to slap me if they feel the need to. My name is Zachariah Winston but everyone calls me Zakk. My niece' name is Ema and shes only one. Her mother is at her apartment boarded up and safe, I know this because cellphone towers haven't gone down so we've been texting. She only lives about a fifteen minute walk from here five minute drive but seeing as to how many and how fast this "thing" is spreading I told her to wait.

It all happened so fast, and I know if you read other journals that they all started off like that but what else is there to say than that. Anyways, I was on my way home from college when I got to the greyhound station. I grabbed my duffel bag, yes just a duffel bag i didn't take much and didn't come back with much more. I boarded a city bus that was heading to my moms house and everything was good until we got to a red light a few stops before mine. A guy looking very sickly got on and sat near the front of the bus. He was coughing up blood and was really distracting mumbling and everything and then all of a sudden he just keeled over. The bus driver got out of his seat and went over to the man when all of a sudden the man bit him and tore a decent sized chunk of flesh off his arm. Everyone was freaking out and I was already heading for the roof emergency exit, call it to many zombie movies but it save my life. When I was on the roof of the bus I had the chance to see for the first time what the outside actually looked like. More of these flesh eaters where walking around and attacking people. little fires were scattered and I knew I had to get to my mothers house. I jumped right onto of one of them caving their head into the concrete and that was my first kill, if anyone is keeping track.

Just a little interlude, I apologize if this seems to be all over the place. Like I said above I finally got some time to think.

I ran to my mothers house hitting some flesh eaters on the way until I got into the front door, closing it behind me quickly. I looked through the peephole and it didn't look like any followed me. I started to look around the house for my mom and step-dad and anyone else but couldn't find anyone yet. My dog came out from under the bed when he heard my voice. I knelt down and he started licking my face. It was a great moment short lived. I heard a banging on a window in my nieces room and I heard her start to cry. I heard a crash and her scream so I went running. I opened her door and saw a flesh eater trying to get into the room to get at her. She saw me and started crying more reaching up and so i grabbed her ran to my mothers room placed her on the bed and went back to the room with the end table lamp and went ballistic on the thing.

I came out of my furry haze and saw the amount of blood in the room and fell down shocked. I started to cry for taking a life the way I did and that lasted about an hour. Eyes puffy and red I decided the next best thing would be to feed my niece and board up the windows. I went downstairs to get the hammer and nails and some boards my step-dad was suppose to use for a little garden border when I saw a light on in the laundry room. I went in and found a note from my mom, it read

"Zakk we left these for you. I know you know how to use them but there's no time to explain."

I looked over and my step-dads gun case was open and they left me two hand guns and a rifle with cleaning instructions and instructions on how to unjam it. I smiled and then went back to doing what I was previously tasking on. It took a long time and for the most part my niece just played in the kitchen with some pots and lids which seemed to satisfy her. I fed her and cleaned her up and then put her down for bed. I went to the basement and got the guns and climbed to the roof through the attic and am now sitting here watch the sunset.


I close my journal and look down at my phone to see a text from my sister.

Danielle: How is my baby doing
Zakk: Shes asleep
Danielle: Good. Is the house secure
Zakk: Ya
Danielle: Any close calls
Zakk: One
Danielle: WHAT!
Zakk: Before I got the boards up, it was after Ema...
Danielle: What, is she ok
Zakk: I put her in moms room and took care of it
Zakk: How are you doing?
Danielle: Door is blocked and being on the second floor is beneficial
Zakk: I bet
Danielle: Ya
Zakk: I'm coming to get you tomorrow k?
Danielle: WHAT
Zakk: Mom left me two guns and I'm coming to get you. Ema is staying here, I'll do it when shes asleep for her nap. We know this area like the back of our hands and I'm a good shot. I'm going to go to Emits house to see if I can get anything from there and see if he's still there or still alive. I'm also going to get as many smokes as I can cuts out the appetite so I wont eat as much.
Danielle: Ok, just be careful.
Zakk: Always am. Try to get some rest, tomorrow is going to be hectic and long.