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  1. No melee weapons
  2. Idea's on where / How to survive ?
  3. What happened to Skittles?
  4. Ground Zero: The infection that ended society. How Did it Start?
  5. Endgame
  6. How long has it been?
  7. Theories about Raydon Labs
  8. How come the water is not infected?
  9. Waste not... Ah want not???
  10. Possible supply sources ...
  11. Is Lizzy pregnant or infected?
  12. Physical supplies to survive
  13. Merged: Season 2 Cliffhanger Theories
  14. New tower
  15. crackpot theories and thoughts
  16. no scouts??
  17. The Yacht
  18. Who won't survive the Finale
  19. Strategies, tactics, & who would YOU choose and why?
  20. Story for the rest of the season...
  21. Fort Irwin here we come? Season 3 predictions
  22. Passing mention characters, will we see them again?
  23. A Far-Fetched, Alternative Hannah Identity Theory
  24. LOST Analogs in We're Alive
  25. Past-Tense Saul?
  26. maybe Angel did make the chopper
  27. Everything is going to change now, isn't it?
  28. Where was the Mallers moving to? Fort Irwin also?
  29. Hannah, Kalani, Samantha Realtions
  30. If the story is told through journal entries (Post 24 credit sequence question)
  31. Burt said that piloting doesn't look hard
  32. Zombie community?
  33. Significance of (especially Lizzie's) Names part deux
  34. showdown. Michael Vs Ink.
  35. Chain of Command- Fort Irwin, Ch. 26.1 and further
  36. Way out there before you open this. On the suject of: My Hannah.
  37. Fort Irwin will it last?
  38. Who is the Person in the Hoodie?
  39. What if....?
  40. metro?
  41. Something to keep in mind...
  42. will Angel be a hero? will Kalani be the rat?
  43. My thoughts on theories after a 3rd listen
  44. Journals
  45. how angel might be back.
  46. skittles
  47. what is it that the mallers want from the other tower?
  48. Sean's Return
  49. Trap the Zombies
  50. Zombie Obama
  51. Chapter 28 Part 2: Theories
  52. My theory: season 3 jumping the zombie shark
  53. Who/What was the Cause of the War between the Tower and Mallers
  54. Religious Messages?
  55. How Michael and his group might go back to LA
  56. What is the purpose of a Zombie Virus
  57. Each Group Needs The Other
  58. The Haze
  59. 8th and Grand
  60. The Hunt for the Other Tower
  61. Why Mallers take ID's
  62. Hannah- Dead or Alive?
  63. CJ and Scratch
  64. Randy!
  65. Beyond Our Walls - part 2, the start of the We're Alive Chronicles? Plus Questions
  66. Sound Off: Hope regains her sight means....
  67. Kalani still alive
  68. Where are the Mallers. Boulder?
  69. Fort Irwin Blood testing
  70. Life in Boulder.... much like life in the colony?
  71. Burt vs Scratch
  72. Time to Start Doing Research on the Zombies
  73. How Scratch will die
  74. Future story Theory
  75. Lost-er. "Found" Reference
  76. Is the "Family" more important then we think?
  77. Im feeling pretty Smug
  78. Chapter's 31 Artwork: The Ring
  79. I think Saul is going to betray the The Fort.
  80. Lizzy & Scratch
  81. Lizzy Having Angel's Baby?
  82. Fall of the Colony?
  83. Lizzy Kills Bricks.
  84. not to beat a undead horse.
  85. Saul kills Scratch
  86. CJ takes over The Colony
  87. The huge cracks in the floor at ground zero...
  88. The Theory of Everything - Where is this story going?
  89. Boulder is going down
  90. Its all a dream
  91. Little Griggs
  92. [POLL] Do ____ Boulder?
  93. [Poll] Who's gonna die???
  94. end of series 3 theory
  95. Will they join us again?
  96. The End, my friend
  97. A deadly Ending
  98. Journals - Who do we know is still alive?
  99. Theory On Hope and Datu
  100. The end of Season Three?
  101. Theory going back to the beginning on who is behind this
  102. Medicine cabinet
  103. Leaving... on a Pelican....
  104. Can Zombies and Humans Live Together?
  105. Sword vs. Knife inconsistancies
  106. Fort Irwin - To **** or not to ****, that is the question.
  107. Imagine if WA would have been produced in the 1980s
  108. the last episode of season 4
  109. lizzies **** and the fa****?
  110. Do you wish to see ... ?
  111. The Seven Doctors who Played God!!!
  112. my thoughts
  113. Samantha a Little One?
  114. If you could have one question answered v. Season 4
  115. ok folks here something for you
  116. The purpose of Randy
  117. The Sagas of Kelly & Victor
  118. just some questions.
  119. Theory: The Pelican and Ships MUST be a critial part of final Season
  120. Beware the Santa Anas
  121. Some sort of a season 4 kickoff poll thread
  122. Fell from the tower! And How it all started theory!
  123. Does Riley Have a Never-Ending Supply of Arrows?
  124. Michael's ID Inconsistency? (Season 3 spoilers alert)
  125. The Same Puck?
  126. Season 4 Artwork Speculations
  127. Return of the jumpers?
  128. The United States Of Z
  129. Prediction Marriage
  130. Girl power.
  131. Colony Split Theory
  132. The Ending
  133. Pegs breaks a hammer...
  134. Who will get the Revenge Burt, Riley, or CJ
  135. Why do we think INK is a big part of this Z day
  136. The Tattooed Zombie
  137. A few ideas on Ink and Pinstripe suit.
  138. PREDICTION: Samantha will kill Datu
  139. Science and Magic?
  140. Roberts and Randy
  141. Baseall Furies
  142. Trojan horse?!
  143. 1st meeting of skittles
  144. MORE THEORIES Because KC can't kill them all off can he?
  145. Mention of ___ dying in _____.
  146. The Ending
  147. Was 'The Arena' Ink's idea?
  148. Master Composition Book
  149. best service center marathahalli