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  1. The Colony
  2. Rules, rules, rules and more rules
  3. The person who broke into "Locked & Loaded"
  4. Who or What is the Catalyst? What Will it Bring About?
  5. Why hasn't the colony been attacked?
  6. Colony, Mall, and Gatekeeper
  7. Bricks Seems Unenthused About Bringing People Back
  8. Mallers are slavers?
  9. The Future of the Factions........
  10. Where in the world are the Mallers?
  11. Factions and Armaments and Super Long Tangents
  12. Why keep slaves?
  13. Eastern Bay Remnants (Mallers), The Colony, Slaves, and What do YOU Think?
  14. Bricks, Tardust, Lizzy theory.
  15. Pippin and the Maller Brotherhood
  16. Were Latch and Scratch safecrackers?
  17. The two other "her"s
  18. Durai or Scratch
  19. Anyone ever wonder how the maulers raided everything so quickly?
  20. OtHer survivor locations
  21. fight or flight: a mallers tale..
  22. The Special Weapon
  23. why is everyone going to hate scratch
  24. What Scratch was looking for
  25. Who is the second person???
  26. Grand Unified Theory
  27. Have the "rules" changed? A Maller conflict with left over Military?
  28. Durai knows more.... PreOutbreak info?
  29. Scratch Ex-Military?
  30. Mallers taking over the Colony
  31. Mallers and the arena
  32. Maller Mutiny
  33. Hoodie?
  34. Is there another group, other than Mallers, Old Tower, New Tower, and The Colony?
  35. Hannah=Scratch
  36. Scratch is a Mommy?
  37. Hannah (Dead or Alive)
  38. Fort Irwin V The Mallers!!!
  39. Fort Irwin and the Colony
  40. The Magic Bullet
  41. Have the Mallers and Colony learned from each other?
  42. CJ: Past, Present, & Future
  43. Why were the Ft. Irwin soilders in LA?
  44. So who was scratches cousin?
  45. Lonesome Stranger - what roles will he play in season #4?
  46. Not Quite the Other Tower **SPOILERS**
  47. Has Scratch cut a deal?
  48. Pegs and Marcus
  49. Who came for Samantha?
  50. Counting Crow calls
  51. something to think about.
  52. The colony: how many?
  53. The War... Something I've always wondered
  54. Will Michael join CJ's team or...
  55. Will Michael join CJ's team or...
  56. The Police Station
  57. CJ and Glenn, another look
  58. Johnny...
  59. Why does Ink (TOWTM) never attack the Mallers?
  60. Puck...
  61. What did Durai know and when did he know it?