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  1. The Tower
  2. What happened to Micheal's Arm?
  3. The Shot Heard Around The World
  4. Who's The Rat?
  5. Angel???
  6. Who's Victor,....Good or Evil?
  7. Tower/Maller Team Up
  8. military ties?
  9. Saul's "Illness"
  10. Micheal's pain
  11. Michael's punishment?
  12. Leaving The Tower?
  13. Why was lizzy kicked out?
  14. Will Angel Ever Take Control of the Tower?
  15. Michael CROSS and other significances of name
  16. Lizzy's Rescue Team
  17. Who's The Rat v2.0
  18. Baby Boomers
  19. Tower vs. Mallers and the unknown rat.
  20. Stability of the tower
  21. Angel and Scratch's relationship
  22. Investigate the News Stations?
  23. 2 helicopters
  24. Pippin the Assassin?
  25. Landing at Fort Irwin
  26. Is the Rat and the Assassin the same person?
  27. What are the significance of the journals
  28. Why didn't the tower improve their situation?
  29. is Pegs Mental?
  30. Working with what you have
  31. Do you think their is any hope for Samantha?
  32. Should there be cameras in the Tower
  33. Is Michael heading for another big I told you so?
  34. The killer is "XYZ". Now what?
  35. Lewis is in jail. So what?
  36. Could Tanya deliver a lethal injection?
  37. Where is the Brass?
  38. Alcohol Binges -- Been there done that
  39. One More Reason Romeo and Juliet are gonna die
  40. Pegs Breaks Maskirovka?
  41. Fort Irwin is a terrible plan!
  42. The First Born
  43. Burt's Bag
  44. Angel is not the shooter if this is true...
  45. Saul and Tanya... Family Immune?
  46. Burt's tremble
  47. Escape Cain
  48. Pippin 2.0
  49. Riley and the zombies
  50. Theory about Michael and his past
  51. Tanya has a bite!!!
  52. Sauls deal
  53. Fly Away? Not to day...
  54. Tanya's Theory
  55. Kelly being called burt
  56. Tower Collapse (Who survived)
  57. Scott Marvin writes a Burt Epitaph on facebook?
  58. Landing at LAX
  59. Burt and the Mallers
  60. Angel and Riley - STDs and the Arena
  61. Where would the tower be if Lizzy hadn't been kicked out?
  62. Dealing in Secrets
  63. saul's gunshot wound.
  64. Preggers Pegs
  65. Burt / Raydon Labs / Foreshadowing...
  66. Samantha's actor! No!!!!
  67. Mike's Journal - Think about it
  68. Are Angel and Saul Gay.
  69. here is a new theory for you guys.
  70. ok not to beat a dead horse
  71. R. A. T. 3.0
  72. Who's the Rat V. 3.0: This time We're Alive and Serious
  73. Green Eyes... Lizzie got green eyes
  74. Kalani
  75. Victor an insurance salesman? Ah, ah, a bullshneeze
  76. Hannah a Name?
  77. Michael, WTF?
  78. The Kalani/Datu Connection
  79. Poor Riley (spoilers) speculation theory
  80. The Victor Conspiricy
  81. Angel is still Alive
  82. Have we seen the last of the Boulder crew for this season?
  83. Whose baby is it?
  84. Scratch, Lizzy And Burt Theory
  85. their no detectives!!!
  86. What if the Mallers had the zombies blood as biological warfare?
  87. Saul, CJ, Victor timeline. Captain Long has aready died........Boom Head Shot!
  88. Hannah Still Alive in the colony
  89. "What are you saying we should do?"
  90. Pants and Shoes
  91. Laundry duty ...
  92. Tanya: Suicide Syringes
  93. Michaels arm
  94. Get to the Choppa, another look
  95. Tanya, and her research?
  96. Burt & Riley
  97. Lizzy, Dautu and the baby.