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  1. The Tattooed Zombie
  2. Zombie/Creature types/ Physical Appearance
  3. An Alarming Level of Intelligence
  4. The cold...duh!!!
  5. Theory on Samantha and The Tatto'd zombie.
  6. Zombie Traps
  7. Possible to make a "good" zombie?
  8. Randy / Randi
  9. Were The Swimming Zombies Starving or Evolving
  10. Poor Mental health = Better Zombies?
  11. The Zombies heat status
  12. Immunity?
  13. Darwinian or Frankensteinian?
  14. zombie smell factor
  15. Where Have All The Zombies Gone?
  16. Colored and Marked and Tattooed Ones Oh My!
  17. What about the origins?
  18. Let's Pretend: If It's Not a Virus, What Else Could It Be?
  19. Oh god, I 'm theorzing... Why is this happening?
  20. "Zombie" Virus
  21. The Little One's
  22. Is there a queen zombie?
  23. Zombies Using Guns?
  24. The "kill zone" and "distress call"
  25. Do you really want to know what caused it?
  26. Scars
  27. why were they asleep around building and now they get called in
  28. take me to the hospital
  29. Main Zombie Call in Chapter 2
  30. Motor Scooter and Zombie Chicks
  31. Is "Paul" literate?
  32. Zombies and Maulers
  33. We're Alive....A Double meaning perhaps?
  34. A new hive? SPOILERS
  35. Zombie Intel
  36. Ink is a "good guy"?
  37. Isn't it odd that the Pinstripe suit guy was alone?..... Theories
  38. Queen Zombie/Hive Mind theory(s)
  39. New encounter anyone?
  40. Zombie Hydration
  41. The Source/Cause of the Infection!
  42. Are thay dead
  43. Zombies: Questions and Theories
  44. Zombies, Do they bleed?
  45. Where Zombies are Born
  46. Those creepy little ones
  47. Psychic Pinstripe
  48. Are these Zombies or Infected?
  49. Quick question about the behemoths
  50. "Paul"
  51. Cause of the Outbreak: Can Kc actually win?
  52. Alcohol as a Zombie Repellent?
  53. Zombie Origins --> Psych hospital
  54. what is "ink" up to?
  55. How Zombie Tribes, Lineage, and Hierarchy Might Be Established
  56. Zombie exposure and Subsequent Sleepů
  57. When Pinstripes Attack!
  58. "Leave her."- and why?
  59. Can the zombies understand English?
  60. Possible "Ink" Theories
  61. The Little Ones. Why are they little & different from the other infected?
  62. Do we have a definitive answer? v.AliveOrUndead?
  63. the secret zombie killer (MRE'S)
  64. My Poor Attempt *spoilers*
  65. where do the body's go?
  66. Zombie Theory Attempt 2
  67. On A Slow Night... v.Them Crazy Slow Turnin' Fools!
  68. Zombies similar to Orks in Warhammer 40K?
  69. "Ink," the origin and meaning of his tattoos...
  70. The little ones
  71. Origins of the Little Ones
  72. "ink" bulletproof!!!
  73. From a different angle: a search for the source of Z-ism
  74. Why do Zombies smell like shit?
  75. My thinking on Zombie theory "Gaia's Revenge" (Newbie first post, go easy on me!!)
  76. Still look human to you?
  77. Do zombies communicate? And if so, HOW???
  78. Evil Dead Theory
  79. Zombies react to noise
  80. Are the Zees already starving?
  81. Reproduction & Evolution
  82. Zombie reproduction stuff
  83. randy and pinstripes
  84. Randy vs. Ink (The Ladder Match)
  85. Possible Cure?
  86. Behemoths
  87. Rage Infected vs Undead
  88. Next season in a nutshell
  89. Leave her?
  90. super Z
  91. Just How Smart?
  92. About body-fluids ...
  93. Buddhists, zombies & nirvana
  94. The zombie OCCULT?
  95. Randy, Inglewood and Wikipedia
  96. LiZzIeS LiTtLe OnEs
  97. How do zombies decide whether to kill or turn their victims?
  98. NEW Infection Theory
  99. the little ones and freaky ass pinstripe
  100. L.A. Zombies vs the rest of the World Zombies
  101. Microcsopic parasites
  102. Speeches of Death - a matter of Democracy
  103. Smart Ones and tool usage
  104. Catalina Island - Something to do with outbreak?
  105. Someone else in the mental hospital with Bill?
  106. Blind Zombies?
  107. How many Zombies do you think are left?
  108. The Randy and Michael connection
  109. Follistatin: Possible cause of zombie pimpass-ness?
  110. 7083??
  111. Ink's Plea deal and police tape
  112. What do you think the behemoths look like?
  113. Slow turners
  114. Jumpers???
  115. Eyes...
  116. Behemoth Unknown Cause of Death?
  117. mike and randy differnt idea
  118. Fighting for a cause?
  119. How We're Alive zombies are different to other stories
  120. Zombies and Sex...
  121. Please Look At This Enhanced Photo--Look Legit?
  122. Cures and Delivery Methods.
  123. The infection and remote tribes
  124. Animals Immune?