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  1. Characters You Hate!
  2. Characters you like...
  3. Who's next?
  4. Kalani
  5. Durai
  6. Why didn't Peggs like to shoot guns before?
  7. Art
  8. About Riley
  9. Marcus and his Colony
  10. Who is Angel?!
  11. Character Evolution
  12. Who makes the best leader?
  13. If We're Alive became a T.V. Show
  14. Did the voice actor for Skittles change?
  15. Character Diversity
  16. Burt's age
  17. GateKeeper
  18. Who will Survive till the end?
  19. AM I the only one who hates STEVEN!!!!!!!!!
  20. Why did they turn on Michael?
  21. Does Skittles remind anyone else of Gollum from Lord of the Rings?
  22. If you could add one new character ?
  23. Burt link with mallers?
  24. Hope?
  25. Which cast member posed for the zombie poster?
  26. Character Back Stories
  27. Who do you think would win?
  28. Pippins accent....just no
  29. Skittles family tree
  30. Who will be next zombie?
  31. Which character do you equate yourself with the most?
  32. Describe yourself as if one of the W.A Characters were seeing you for the first time
  33. Who would you spend the Zombie Apocalypse with?
  34. characters ethnicity?
  35. Harry Potter characters compared to WA characters
  36. Is Michael shady?
  37. In defense of Steven. (Spoilers)
  38. What about Kelly?
  39. Tower Split; Angel vs Michael
  40. Match the WA character to a forum member!
  41. Tower Split; You and Who
  42. Which Couple Should Hook Up?
  43. Everyone is really mean about Datu!
  44. Tanya, Tanya, Tanya. Tsk Tsk
  45. The Zombies as a Character
  46. Characters that changed your mind
  47. Kalani's Lady Friend
  48. Wall of the Fallen ( a place to say good bye) take 2
  49. Victor..you rule
  50. Randy and his friends
  51. Any Gay Characters Coming To We're Alive?
  52. 'Mawlers', Not 'Mallers'
  53. The voice of Saul reminds me of...
  54. Kalani might be back.
  55. Give me some love!
  56. Where did the Character of Burt come from.
  57. Zombies sound like mutated lizards?
  58. Hannah??
  59. I like How no main charcter went down to get any Surivors
  60. Things That Make You Think of Characters?
  61. Day in the life of a WA survivor
  62. We're Alive Memes! (Spoilers!)
  63. Michael and personal life
  64. So what is it with Pegs and the other groups?
  65. Burt Movie Quotes!
  66. What if YOU Were a Maller?
  67. What happened to Mr. Whiskers?
  68. "...and don't forget Scott Marvin."
  69. Michael Cross is so tough!
  70. What is Hopes purpose
  71. Characters Favorite Song/Movie/TV show etc.
  72. The Save Burt Thread
  73. Chinwe (a.k.a C.J.)
  74. You know you listen to We're Alive to much when...
  75. Skittles is a Time Lord
  76. Dissappointed in Skittles
  77. Experience...
  78. How a baby would influence the story...
  79. Where was Saul?
  80. Pippin
  81. Does Kalani get a pass?
  82. Tanya
  83. Victor (aka Danny Trejo?)
  84. Could skittles have suffered a traumatic head injury
  85. Does anybody else want Skittles to be a main character?
  86. Jokes about Michael's Crappy Interrogation Skills
  87. *SPOILERS* Was it really Angel's time?
  88. Bill 'Ink' Roberts at Eastern Bay
  89. How old do you think the characters are/were?
  90. Who do you imagine the characters to look like?
  91. Glenn: A new old-guy badass?
  92. In memory of ...
  93. Bricks is based off the Borderlands character? (MIND = BLOWN)
  94. Is Kimmet Crazy?
  95. Scratch is annoying
  96. Thoughts on CJ
  97. Pete: Meaningful death coming soon...
  98. Who is this woman?
  99. Bricks-redemable? spoliers up to 31-2
  100. Scratch - Can she turn chaos into redemption?
  101. Bricks crime
  102. Scratch is becoming a wonderful character and such a beautiful voice
  103. Random thought that seems to plague me.....
  104. Angel: Leader by example?
  105. Spoiler..here if you are not finish the 10 chapter don't read
  106. here is an interesting thought
  107. Little Ones #6 and #9
  108. Skittles
  109. Shirley Rage
  110. Bill Roberts, a.k.a. Ink
  111. Burt vs. Scratch
  112. "Out of Every 100 Men..."
  113. The Special K Problem
  114. Lady Ma'ma from Dredd = Scratch
  115. Tanya, More Than Meets the Eye
  116. INK in real life
  117. Datu
  118. Burt sounds like sgt slaughter!!
  119. Alternative reality death toll
  120. How about a Scratch "Betting" Pool? (*Spoilers up to 35-3)
  121. Insults for Kimmit!
  122. The Deadpool - get your votes in
  123. I miss...
  124. want too ask one thing (spoilers)
  125. Sex and the Zombie
  126. Character Treatment of each other
  127. Two pucks ?
  128. Anyone think Lena Headley in new Judge Dredd movie sounds like scratch?
  129. How to avoid travelling through dark territories
  130. Burt, Kelly, And Sol
  131. Did you notice ... Shirley and surly?
  132. Angel
  133. The ***** puzzle for season 4
  134. Did X father Y's Z?
  135. Sound Effects Associated with Characters
  136. Theory on how the story ends
  137. I wonder about Pegs's reputation
  138. Skittles....
  139. Michael's Season Four A-Team
  140. who is Randy?
  141. My two cents
  142. About hackers
  143. Team Victor and Saul Bromance
  144. Rebekah Roberts
  145. La fèrvrè
  146. Theory on Burt's origins
  147. WA character soundtracks
  148. Angel's Ring
  149. Lady saves the Day!
  150. Hope: The Reveal
  151. Victor's Wife: Another Double Entendre?
  152. just my opinion of what the characters look like
  153. Ay Nako!
  154. just my opinion of what the characters look like part 3
  155. Which Character do you have a crush on?
  156. Listen up, Sweethearts.....
  157. Favorite quotes from the episodes of were alive
  158. Too many chiefs, not enough indians
  159. who doesnt like peggs
  160. Burt's Namesake
  161. Will Victor hook up with Kelly
  162. who is going to win Riley and burt or Scratch
  163. Theroys about randy
  164. When Hope gets vision back, is there a surprise
  165. Is Kalani's mystery still unresolved?
  166. Mag vs clip
  167. Not Liking Saul
  168. Character you wish was still alive
  169. You and two characters on the road hunting zombies
  170. What role does Tardust still have to play?
  171. Hope's story...
  172. Pippin... His accent sealed his fate
  173. One thing bothers me about the tower people not wanting to move!
  174. What happened to Shane Salk?
  175. Vote for the title of WE'RE ALIVE SCREAM QUEEN
  176. Who is your Favorite character
  177. Was Pippin really bad?
  178. Character you wish played a larger part in the Story?
  179. Theory on "Ink"
  180. Where does Scratch fit in?
  181. Couple questions have me stumped
  182. The Ink equation
  183. Ink, Bill Roberts and Billy the Kid
  184. Main characters with no journal voice overs
  185. Other main character???
  186. Female Characters on the Show
  187. Who is everyones favourite character can be dead or alive
  188. Datu is annoying!!!!
  189. Some things I've been wondering..
  190. She who must not be named
  191. Skittles by another name...
  192. Really hating Saul right now!
  193. in the end, who's hooking up with who?
  194. Why Pegs? Why?
  195. Fav Male in The Story
  196. Im wondering something
  197. Voice Acting
  198. Some characters decisions that surprised me.....
  199. Anyone ever notice something about BURT?
  200. Cj occupation???
  201. Riley's Bow skills....
  202. Bricks......
  203. Real life characters
  204. Most redeeming character?
  205. Angel and the Mallers.....
  206. Kalani......
  207. Why Pegs is scared of guns...
  208. CJ and her daughter.....
  209. Michael A.K.A. Mikey
  210. Eastern Bay vs Twin Towers
  211. Who would you pick?
  212. Robbins... Stephen King "IT" fan?
  213. Angel was the most interesting character but most others suffered because of it.
  214. Lizzy Reminds me of Elena from Uncharted!
  215. Sky Dancer Run
  216. Alex and Dot